All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku is a six-part OAV. Here you'll find brief summaries and my reviews of all the episodes, with a few fitting pictures. Enjoy!

Phase OI - how it all began. It appears that Akiko takes the term 'custody battle' a leetle too literally...

Phase OII - everyone hits the beach! If the beach has any sense, it'll hit back.

Phase OIII - can Akiko and Kyusaku reconcile? Can Akiko stand to be a 'normal' housewife? Can Nuku Nuku refrain from eating a mouse onscreen?

Phase OIV - enter Eimi, everyone's favourite total psycho-bunny.

Phase OV - the infamous and brilliant restaurant episode. Featuring the Giant Twin Mongolian Warrior Chefs!

Phase OVI - with Akiko in mortal peril, and the might of Mishima Heavy Industries powerless to protect her (it's kinda the might of MHI that's imperilling her in the first place), can Nuku Nuku save the day?

Kevin's Reviews - another perspective on the series! Admittedly, Kevin and I agree a lot, but they say great minds think alike... and fools seldom differ *^.^* An excellent digest guide.