Phase OVI

The Setup: Apparently MHI doesn't just make weapons for the CEO's personal use. As this episode opens, Akiko, Arisa and Kyoko are demonstrating a remarkable new armed satellite to a group of impressed top brass. It can pinpoint any human target on Earth and eliminate it with deadly precision, by laser.

Christmas is coming round again (if the statements about time in Phase OI were correct, that means two years are covered in six half-hour episodes) and Nuku Nuku is making presents for her family - knitted scarves. She spots Eimi in the street and hurries down to say hi to her. Eimi announces she's got a surprise present for Nuku Nuku - unfortunately, it appears this present is hot lead. Nuku Nuku isn't hurt, but her knitting bag is destroyed, and that's when she gets mad. In the ensuing melée, Eimi collides with Akiko's car, causing it to crash, and the satellite control device goes on the fritz and targets Akiko!

It's impossible to unlock the targetting mechanism from Earth. The only solution is for someone to go into space and attempt to destroy the satellite itself... and who could that someone be?

My Review and Thoughts: Nuku Nuku's ADORABLE in this episode! I'm sorry, I know she's cute all the time, but she's especially sweet in Phase OVI, especially at the start when she's knitting and loses her wool over the edge of the roof, and when she's waiting for her present from Eimi - 'I'm really excited!' And her little SD daydream of her family's delighted reaction to her presents is super-kawaii. She really has grown up a little as a human, while staying the sweet-natured kitten she always was.

When Eimi's on the scene, Arisa and Kyoko always have to take a back seat. In fact, they seem somewhat aware of this: I loved the comment 'Why do our stories always end like this?'

A lot of people have complained that this final episode didn't deliver enough closure, and it's true that it does kind of end up in the air (well, up above the atmosphere), but look at the things that are settled by the end!

- Nuku Nuku and the Office Ladies seem to have settled their differences, mainly because she proves she cares about Akiko too.

- Nuku Nuku and Eimi are actually kinda friends.

- It's only implied, but Akiko and Kyusaku seem to have reached a state of détente, if not actual reconciliation.

I found that OVI left me wanting more, but satisfied with what I had seen. This was a wonderful little series. Hey, if any of my readers would like to contribute reviews or comments on the episodes, they're welcome to do so! Email me.

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