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An overview of the series by the guy who introduced me to it, my good friend and partner in crime, K.A. Pezzano. He's also the anime and Dreamcast game reviewer for, a video games and related entertainment website. Check it out!

Phase I: Ah, the origin episode! Nuku Nuku was quite an adorable little kitten! Of special note here are Kyusaku's interesting teaching style, and boys so enamoured of our kitten heroine that they aren't in the least discouraged when she mentions some of her favourite foods! I also liked Nuku Nuku's attempts at fitting in as a human... such as screaming at ear-splitting level when informed that yowling in pain is a natural reaction for humans when someone puts a cigarette out on their hand (as Kyusaku as inadvertently done on Nuku Nuku's nigh-invulnerable metal frame). Their neighbours must love them! We also discover that Kyoko is up on her Arnold action films (though I suspect that Arisa does all the video rentals).

Phase II: The beach episode! Hubba hubba! I do wonder at the rather revealing OL outfits Kyoko and Arisa wear. Anyway, I have one major thing to say about this episode: Yoshimi's uncle rules! A goofball totally enamoured of Nuku Nuku (what can you say? He's a red-blooded male!). Ryunosuke's relationship with his mother is more developed here, as well. He loves her, but she's just so OUT THERE! Akiko's at her creepiest here, brainwashing poor Yoshimi to get at Ryu. She's also at her sanest, letting her son stay with his father because it's what Ryu wants, and he saved her life. Arisa's in top form, gleefully bashing things up in her armoured octopus, and Nuku Nuku's special swimming outfit is cute!

Phase III: Nuku Nuku makes like Jerry Springer, and tries to get Akiko and Kyusaku back together again. Of course, things are bound to explode. Kyusaku's a bit of a jerk in this one, making Akiko do domestic drudgework if she wants to spend time with her beloved son. Though his motives are relatively pure, he comes off as rather chauvinist! Such treatment, of course, doesn't sit well with Akiko, and she eventually snaps. And when she snaps, out comes the giant robot! Faced with things like "mother's love missiles", even Nuku Nuku has to retreat... all the more so because she's growing as a human being, and refuses to do anything bad to "mama-san" any more. Arisa, too, has a touching moment, as she realises that the domestic-burdened Akiko is no longer the strong, independent woman Arisa herself idealises and looks up to (this might explain why she stays with a boss as definitely employee-unfriendly as Akiko). Kyusaku saves the day with a chibi-Nuku toy powered device that won't hurt Akiko, and Nuku Nuku discovers that true love sometimes is expressed in the oddest way. Oh, and she also catches a mouse, flies an unusual kite, and has a rather hot-looking gym outfit!

Phase IV: Enter Eimi, the cutest little death-dealer outside of Sailor Saturn! Eimi has to be one of the greatest characters ever! She's even more psycho and weapon-happy than Arisa, but also more indirect at first. She's quite the manipulative little minx, too, making friends with Ryu in order to get to Nuku Nuku, in order to snatch Our Heroine's superior robot body. Eimi IS cute, too... at least when she's being nice. She's still weird, though... especially her story about Akiko (which doesn't seem to throw Kyusaku at all... but, to be fair, he HAS been up for three days when that revelation is uttered). I LOVE the "I want your body" gag in the public bath, too! Anyway, as if all these clues weren't enough to make one suspicious, Eimi flips out! And she looks WEIRD, all bug-eyed, pop-veined, and heavily-armed! Nuku Nuku, of course, thinks it's all one big rough-housing game. And, natch, there's a GIGANTIC hole left in Tokyo when it's all over. Eimi is made even cooler as a character, though, because she only wants Nuku Nuku's robot form (her own is fatally defective... and Eimi doesn't want to die! She even quotes haiku to explain herself (before strapping on a missile backpack, admittedly). She also comes to honestly care for people, like when she buys Ryunosuke carnations for him to give to his mom on Mother's Day, for a reason that even SHE can't explain. Very human.

Phase V: My favourite episode! Nuku Nuku is forced to take a job as a waitress to buy Ryunosuke a new bicycle, and she's (surprisingly!!) VERY good at it! The restaurant's sales boom, and since it's owned by Akiko, she's more than willing to let bygones be bygones when it comes to a certain catgirl android. Kyoko and Arisa, perhaps affected by the heat, aren't gonna stand for Nuku Nuku being that high in their boss' eyes (especially after all they've been though against her! These girls should get hazard combat pay, really), and set out to discredit her! What follows is simply the best collection of insanity in a half-hour animation EVER, as faux-schoolgirl disguises, mouse attacks, several obsessed boys willing to do anything for their Goddess Nuku Nuku, Nuku Nuku's family dropping by, Mongolian chefs, impromptu iced coffee, machine guns, and catnip rocket launchers all combine to eventually destroy the restaurant completely! Of course, Akiko is far from pleased. Nuku Nuku looks incredibly cute with her hair up in Chinese-style cloth buns (and that outfit! *clutches chest*), and Akiko and Kyoko are at their best, willing to accept any humiliation (even, *gasp*, getting jobs alongside Nuku Nuku and sucking up to her!) in order to defeat their nemesis. Also noteworthy are the four wierdboys, whose character designs resemble those from Urusei Yatsura's Lum-obsessed weirdoes, who even managed to clobber Arisa and Kyoko themselves when they verbally harassed poor Nuku Nuku!

Phase VI: Eimi returns!! Despite the cliff-hanger ending (well, sorta), most everything in the series is resolved in this episode. And Nuku Nuku looks incredibly cute with her daydreams about how everyone will react to her Xmas presents to them (hand-knitted scarves). She's pretty much all human, despite her kitten brain and android body. Eimi also is in top form, seen wearing a cute little skirt while lugging around an Arnold-type gigantic rotary minigun. In the tussle between the two, Nuku Nuku's handmade scarves get destroyed!! Aiiee! That makes her madder than almost anything else in the show did! In the fight, Akiko also accidentally gets targeted by a killer satellite built by her company. Nuku Nuku, Eimi, Arisa, and Kyoko are all launched into space (uh-oh... THAT'S gonna be trouble) to combat it and save Akiko! The satellite, natch, turns into a giant robot, Eimi is mainly concerned with getting revenge on Nuku Nuku (until the attacking satellite-robot just gets on her nerves too much!), and Kyoko and Arisa end up fishing from a wrecked space shuttle in the pacific. Needless to say, the day is saved, and Akiko, Kyusaku, and Ryunosuke seem to reach an understanding that reunites them. They're a family, and love each other, and they always did! Even Arisa and Kyoko realise that Nuku Nuku cares for their boss, and doesn't deserve being blasted after all! Of special note is Eimi's orbital Buddhist prayer, Nuku Nuku kicking satellite butt, and a brilliantly stupid strawberry-strong barrier gag.

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