Phase OII

The Setup: It's high summer, and Nuku Nuku, Ryunosuke and Yoshimi are going to the beach. Nuku Nuku's in charge, because Kyusaku is busy with some project, and she gets them there at roller-coaster speed with her trusty bike (equipped with a sidecar). Akiko gets wind of this (goodness knows how!) and confronts Kyusaku through his computer (again, how the hell does she manage this? God, the military-industrial complex is powerful!). She's extremely displeased at the thought of her precious boy going to the dangerous, dirty beach. Before Kyusaku knows what's going on, she's declared that if ANY harm comes to Ryu, she'll take him back.

Arisa and Kyoko think Akiko must want them to follow Ryunosuke to the beach and give him a little scratch or something, but once she's finished yelling at them for proposing to injure her baby, it turns out Akiko has a sneakier plan...

My Review and Thoughts: This is a fun, silly episode, and it's obviously a great episode for anyone enamoured of Nuku Nuku's, uh, physical charms, because she spends a lot of time in her swimsuit. Yoshimi's uncle Shinichi is certainly charmed! I find his attempts to act smooth around Nuku Nuku hysterical. *^.^*

Although I'm not one of the smitten, I do love the range of facial expressions Nuku Nuku goes through in this episode - two of my favourites are alongside! This episode also features the Best Mecha Ever, Mishima's Armoured Octopus. It's magnificently silly-looking; the perfect vehicle for Arisa.

Phase OII is very important for establishing the relationship between Akiko and Ryunosuke. It emphasises that, crazy as Akiko's behaviour is, it's all motivated by love. When he first comes on board the Sun Cauliflower, her maternal questioning and anxious once-over ('You look as if you have a sunburn') are as natural as you could wish, and the situation is only marred by her unnatural behaviour over Yoshimi. Ryunosuke's understandable anger with Akiko is tempered by the love he shows in saving her life. It may sound weird in amongst all these robot octopi and dream-programming machines, but I felt this really helped make the family relationships more realistic. And in the end, Akiko actually behaves like a reasonable person!

There's not a whole lot else to analyse in this Phase, of course - hey, it's a swimsuit episode! Just kick back and enjoy it.

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