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14 December 2001 - added a handsome chap to the Lookalikes page and posed a question about a possible addition. Go see!

6 December 2001 - There's a new page for your viewing pleasure - see Lookalikes.

30 August 2001 - Nariya gave me two more screencaptures of Gaddes! Yay!

10 August 2001 - Because I have lovely kind friends who make screensnaps and scans for me, I do believe my Gaddes gallery rocks. There are even more pictures for you to drool over now. Lizzard, Nariya - I love you guys *^.^* Oh, I also restored the original gallery pictures which you may have noticed got misplaced in the design upgrade.

5 August 2001 - I've had to make a correction to the Misc. page's dub voice actor information. Ah, I see the Queen Mother turned 101 yesterday. Halfway to breaking Dornkirk-sama's record, Ma'am! Well done!

20 June 2001 - It's my birthday and I'm twenty-three, just like Gaddes! There are a few new pictures in the gallery, and some positively fascinating information on the Misc. page.

18 June 2001 - I've revamped and expanded the gallery. There are now three glorious pages, with thumbnails (I know, I can't believe it either), and they contain screenshots, artbook scans, DVD booklet art, model sheets for both the TV and movie versions of Gaddes, and some sweeeeeeet doujinshi scans. Enjoy!


Also, I have nothing practical to do with this picture, but I just want to stick it somewhere. I think of this as Reeden's take on 'The engines cannae take it any muir, Cap'n! She's going tae blooooow!'

Fact You Probably Didn't Know: Reeden's full name is Reeden Garusan, and his mum, Kaaza Garusan, runs a restaurant in Pallas. Our Heroes go to eat there in the Thought of the Jeture radio drama. From the sound of the background noise on the CD, it's a bit of a party joint. Just thought you might find that enlightening - and now you know where to eat when you visit Pallas.

9 March 2001 - A small update, but one I enjoyed being able to add - the Who & Why page now features a quote from Kimitoshi Yamane, the Mechanical Animation Director of Tenkuu no Escaflowne, on why Gaddes is his favourite character. I'm behind you all the way, Kimitoshi mate. A big cuddly thank you to Kevin Pezzano, my source for this quote. (Well, his DVDs were the source for the quote, but I wouldn't've known about it except he told me. He's a prodigiously nice person.)

20 February 2001 - After letting this page lie fallow for far too long to think about without getting cross with myself, I've finally given it its first big overhaul. I still consider it a mini-shrine, but it's now about as complete as I can make it - I've expanded the comments on Gaddes as a character (Who & Why), created a page to tell you about his role in the new movie (At the Movies), reorganised quite a few things, added a couple of pictures (Gallery), redone all the graphics, and changed how I spell his name throughout, because my habits have shifted and it's now more natural for me to write Gaddes than Gadeth. The URL still has 'gadeth' in it, because changing that would involve informing absolutely everyone who has a link to this place of the alteration, and who can be bothered to do that? Plus, this makes the 'Oh My Goddess!' pun even worse, and if I can make a bad pun worse I consider the effort well spent.

I don't expect to make major changes to this shrine in the future - unless of course they make a second Vision of Escaflowne TV series, hope hope hope. But one thing you may see, if I ever get it finished and organised, is a link to a yaoi lemon love story I'm writing about Gaddes and Allen, In Disgrace With Fortune. Obviously, it will not be to everyone's taste, and I won't try to force it on anyone who doesn't like that type of fanfic, but others may find it fun.

So, there you go, Oh My Gaddes! v2.0, presented anew for your enjoyment in cheerful orange. As far as I know it's still the only Gaddes shrine on the Web, and believe me, I take that responsibility teddibly seriously *^.^*

It might be worth recording here (although I suppose it really belongs on the Site Info page - but that's a bit full) the story of how this shrine came to be. I used to be a member of the Dilandau Mailing List (the 'used to' is because of another important 'used to,' namely 'used to be fun'), where there was also frequent discussion of other appealing Escaflowne guys. (There, you also see the roots of the *escaboys project.) One list member, whose name, from memory, was Brianne, shared my affection for Gaddes and lamented that she couldn't find any decent pictures of him. I had a large general Esca image collection, and offered to help her by winnowing out all the Gaddes ones and putting them up on my Tripod webspace for her. I decided to do this in a webpage, rather than just creating a subdirectory of images, so I could provide a little commentary on the pictures (gallery visitors know how I love to do that). I rather enjoyed myself, and after thinking about it a little resolved to create my second Esca-guy shrine (<<prettyboy from hell>>, for Dilandau, was the first), just a tiny little one. The original page formed the basis for the then-miniscule gallery, and, if you are of an archaeological turn of mind, you can still see it here.

So, really, we owe the whole thing to Brianne, whoever she was and whatever became of her. Go Brianne! *^.^*