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Whenever I make a website, I always seem to get stuck with a bunch of stuff I want to put up, but none of it is enough to warrant a page by itself, and none of it would fit on any of the other pages. So this time I just wadded it all into a ball and stuck it here! *^.^*

Dub Voice Actor Tidbits
It was previously reported on this site that, in the deservedly notorious 'Foxaflowne' dub of the series which has aired on US and Canadian TV, Gaddes' voice was dubbed by an actor called Michael Bell. I enjoyed reporting this as it allowed me to tell a long rambling story involving Handy Smurf, VD and the first episode of Star Trek: the Next Generation. Unfortunately, this information has turned out to be incorrect;
Webmistress Lizzard has informed me that in the process of checking some facts she learned that the voice was provided by a Michael Dobson, who is really not nearly as cool, although he has played three bit parts in The X-Files. You can read his Internet Movie Database info here.

However, because I enjoyed writing the piece about Michael Bell so much, and because I wish he had been the one to do the voice, it's preserved below. You people should not be deprived of Groppler Zorn just because he turns out to have nothing to do with Gaddes.

'Why is this interesting? Well, for one thing, Michael Bell is old school. He's been doing cartoon voices for about a million years and one of them was Handy Smurf, which positively fascinates me as Handy Smurf was the first cartoon character I had a crush on. (Shut up. Just shut right up.) Reading Bell's filmography is rather intriguing (see it here), as he has played such diverse roles as the voice of Dr Frankenstein in Frankenstein Meets the Chipmunks, Chazz, Drew and Grandpa Boris in Rugrats (which in my personal religion makes him a god, and lets me overlook the fact that he also did a voice in My Little Pony: the Movie), and someone or something called Groppler Zorn in the first episode of Star Trek: the Next Generation. Groppler Zorn. Love it.

His film debut was in a 1961 drama entitled VD. The Internet Movie Database describes it as follows: 'A sluttish high-school girl spreads venereal disease among her classmates, leading to hurt feelings, broken relationships, and a sore pudendum.' There are no user comments for this movie. I can't think why; don't you want to see it? Bell played a character called Monk Monahan. Perhaps, judging by his name, he was celibate and the only one who didn't catch it. Curiously, Bell provided the voice of a Dr Monk Monahan, the narrator of a 1972 film entitled Summer of '63, but as IMDB offers no information about its actual plot I can't tell you more about Monk except that, whether or not he got the clap, he got a doctorate. Physician, heal thyself?

I love having personal webpages. Where else could I write two paragraphs in the course of which I mention both Handy Smurf and venereal disease - and they're actually contextually linked?'

Many thanks to Webmistress Lizzard for directing me to this information.

Random Thoughts on Gaddes

*If he were a song, he'd be 'The Boys Are Back In Town' by Thin Lizzy

*If he were a drink, he'd be a nice pint of Guinness (no, I'm not particularly trying to position him as Irish)

*If he were a meal, he'd be - um - no, it's no good, I told you I couldn't spin this out long enough to warrant a page!

*If he were in my room, I'd be smiling.

I've recently gotten very fond of those endearingly doofy online lists for fans of anime series, where you can get yourself a nice little title related to what you like.

At the Realm of Escaflowne Keepers, you can choose a keepsake item from the series. I have two - the strands of Dilandau's hair that Van's sword nicked off, and, tantantaraa! Gaddes's gauntlets. Remember, it's always better to be a keeper than a stalker *^.^*

Gadeth no Koibito logo

Moving to a new level of pathetic self-delusion, the Koibito Archives record that I am Gaddes no Koibito - Gaddes's Girlfriend! *^.^* Allow me this harmless little fantasy. And I've got a logo to prove it! Sepia becomes him...

I'm also on the waiting list at the Tsuma List - since Tsuma means wife or bride, I think you can see where I'm heading with this *^.^* Everyone else in the world, hands off my Gaddes! (I never heard back from the Tsuma List, which seems to have died, so I guess we'll just have to be engaged forever. Or live in sin. I'm not picky.)

*turns baseball cap to back, spins around and produces a pokéball from hip pocket* Gaddes, I choose YOU!

Well, actually I don't wear a baseball cap, but the point is there's a very cool site called Pocket Bishónen where you can 'capture' cute anime guys Pokémon-style, and train them. Of course, what you train them to do is up to you *^.^* I've got Gaddes on yard work and back rubs, personally.

Sometimes I have to give him a back rub because the yard work makes him weary and achey, but there's give and take in every relationship, even one in which one partner keeps the other compressed inside a ball until she needs him *^.^*