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Here are some links I think you might enjoy! Or not. 'sup to you, really. As far as I know this is the only Gaddes shrine around, but there are plenty of pages about Escaflowne. When I started this shrine the links page was actually the biggest part of it.

If you'd like to link to Oh My Gaddes! from your own page, thank you! Feel free! A simple text link to would be fine, but you can also use the banners and button you can find on the Site Info page. And now... the links!

Right Hand Man
Well, spank me pink. There's another Gaddes shrine! Check it out - lots of good stuff to read! And, though I hate to admit it, the webmistress has stolen a march on me with the 'ohshit' face *^.^*

Another of my little projects - this is a collective site which aims to bring together links to all the best shrines to Escaflowne guys. My own little contribution to a sense of online community *^.^* *escaboys features all five of my own Esca shrines, <<prettyboy from hell>> (Dilandau Albatou), Oh My Gaddes! (you're soaking in it), Merchant Prince (Dryden Fassa), Here Be Dragons (Van and Folken Fanel) and The Allen Schezar Project (do you need telling? *^.^*).

The Folken Sanctum
Of course, Gaddes isn't the only really really gorgeous guy in Escaflowne - Folken is a favourite of mine at the moment. Go see why!

Tsubasa no Kami: the Alternate World of Escaflowne - a Girl in Gaia
Excellent site about the Escaflowne movie - lots of information, pictures and intelligent opinion, wrapped up in a classy design. You know how I bitched and complained about the movie a lot in my Speculations pages? In the end I sort of liked it, and this site's webmistress had a lot to do with that conversion.

Escaflowne Shangri-La
A beautifully-made general Escaflowne page with heaps of unusual pictures - I especially admire the screen capture galleries.

The Vision of Escaflowne Compendium
The official Escaflowne information site. It's very well organised and presented, and should generally be your first port of call for any question about the series. It's also considerately designed to help you avoid spoilers, should those not be your favourite thing in the world.

For Lovers Only...
A sweet site focusing on the romance of the series, particularly Hitomi and Van. Features the Realm of Escaflowne Keepers. If you fancy an Escaflowne keepsake (I'm hanging on to the strands of Dilandau's hair cut off by Van's sword, and Gaddes's gauntlets) pop along and see what's not taken yet!

Pocket Bishónen
This deserves to become a major fad - a very cute and well-made site that lets you capture yummy anime guys Pokémon style. I missed out on submitting Gaddes to the list! Curses! CURSES!

Timberwolf Instruments
Flutes. Really, who doesn't like flutes? Especially hand-crafted Native American and Japanese Shakuhachi flutes made by a very nice person of my acquaintance. Please note that, although Timberwolf Instruments is a commercial site, I don't profit from its success in any way other than the satisfaction of having helped a friend. Of course, this has nothing to do with Escaflowne, but I suppose you could always try playing that little tune Folken whistles, or scoring a flute-only version of 'Yakusoku wa Iranai' *^.^*

Anime Web Turnpike
The best source for anime and manga links, my friends.

Sarah-neko's Stuff
The collective jumpoff page for all my anime shrines. I'm listing it separately from *escaboys because it also contains (tarantara) an All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku shrine. And of course anything else non-Escaboy that I do will show up there.