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If there's one thing I like to do, it's find lookalikes of my favourite anime characters. I've done this most successfully with Allen (see ASP) but it occurred to me that it was about time I extended the favour to his good sergeant. So here are some chaps from anime, the real world, and elsewhere, who remind me a bit of Gaddes.


Aaah, David Duchovny. I managed to find a picture of him at his most Gaddesesque, with five o'clock shadow and an open-necked shirt. Mr Duchovny is an actor chiefly famous for playing Fox Mulder in The X-Files. I think it's interesting, not to say plagiaristic, that Allen Schezar has Mulder's backstory (the missing little sister) and Gaddes has his looks. (Meanwhile, Merle has Scully's hair.)

Mr Duchovny is married to Téa Leoni and they have a daughter named Madelaine. He has been in some very lame movies (although I kind of liked Return to Me) and I have seen a photo of him sitting on a kitchen counter wearing nothing but a big smile and a large coffee cup in his lap.

Good-looking, then, but not much dignity.

Now that his showbiz career is dying down a bit, I think he should return to university and finish the PhD he left incomplete to follow his muse. Then he would be Doctor David Duchovny and that would just sound Too Cool.


I always think (or at least always have since I saw him) that Murdoc from the, ah, virtual band Gorillaz looks like Gaddes' evil twin, the scruffy type of evil twin who never brushes his teeth, stands around in peculiar positions and wears excessively tight jeans. He is from Stoke-on-Trent and his most prized possession is a Winnebago. The snaggle-toothed Svengali behind the winning Gorillaz formula, Murdoc is a Gemini, a devout Satanist and an exceptionally bad driver.

I am sometimes disturbed by mild feelings of attraction towards him, but am able to reassure myself with the thought that this is only because of his resemblance to Gaddes.

Get the cool shoeshine at the Official Gorillaz Fansite (where I pinched the picture).


Lieutenant Makoto Yamamoto is the first officer of the starship Soyokaze in the SF comedy anime Irresponsible Captain Tylor. He is loyal, honourable, courageous and desperately uptight.

While Gaddes has an admirable commander who presumably made him the fine soldier he is today, Yamamoto is stuck with a sleepy-eyed slacker captain who drives him mad on a regular basis (sample Tylor quote: 'Let's surrender!'). Although it may take you a while to see it, he's quite soft-hearted and worries a lot when his friends are unhappy. One of the most delightful things about Tylor is getting to see the evolution of Yamamoto's character, from Anime Guy Most Often Likened to Rimmer From Red Dwarf to... well, watch the series yourself and enjoy it.

Yamamoto's chief hobby is trying to find ways to relieve his stress. He has sought medical treatment but also finds sitting in the captain's chair on the bridge smoking cigars and shouting orders at imaginary people late at night very therapeutic. He's a cutie.


Spuckler is a supporting character in Mark Crilley's beautiful children's comic Akiko. (I took the graphic novel collections to summer camp with me and they got passed round a cabin of nine/ten year old girls so much the cover fell off one. I was a counselor, I should say - the books aren't that old.)

Spucky is a reformed space pirate with a wooden leg and a defective sense of smell. He's one of the devoted little gang that accompanies Akiko on her adventures on the planet Smoo, and tends to be the most practically helpful and emotionally supportive one among them, which is very Gaddes-like.

Calls Akiko 'kiko and offers excellent life advice like 'Never ask what something is before you eat it.' Babyish about having Band-Aids removed.

I like him *^.^*

Manu (a.k.a. Jon) Bennett is an actor from New Zealand who spent a chunk of his life in Australia. If you think you've seen him before that's probably because you watched Xena: Warrior Princess and, like me, admired him very much as Marc Anthony in an episode which really should have had a note in the credits, like the first season of Black Adder, saying 'Additional Dialogue by William Shakespeare.' Or of course it might be because you watch Shortland Street and have seen him recently playing very nice but quite mad lawyer Jack Hewitt, or worse still, back in the day you watched the execrable and blessedly short-lived Australian soap Paradise Beachand saw him playing a berk called Kirk.

'Manu' is a Maori name meaning bird, and he has Maori blood. (The Maori were one of the two groups of Polynesian people who lived in New Zealand before European colonisation - they overthrew the earlier Moriori.)

He looks like Gaddes, he has an exquisitely sculpted upper body (even my grandmother thinks so) and he looks good togged up like a Roman general. Yay!

This is not a very good picture of him, but it's pretty difficult to find Manu Bennet pictures on the Internet. If it weren't for this one dedicated person I wouldn't've found any at all. Visit her page to see Manu with a really terrible Afro-mullet hybrid haircut!


Query - I have heard a rumour that Nicholas Wolfwood from Trigun is a Gaddes-alike. Unfortunately, the only pictures of Wolfwood that I've seen have been doujinshi ones, and while I thought he was hotter'n spit on a griddle, I'm not prepared to judge from that. Wolfwood fans of the world, what do you think? Email me. (Attaching a picture or so to show what you mean would help.)