Here's where you can win an award! These gongs may be won by any Escaflowne website - it needn't be a guy shrine. You can nominate your own site or someone else's. Some awards will also be given out at the webmistress' discretion, just because I've found a page that deserves one. I hope in this way to reward excellence and encourage endeavour in Escaflowne webmasters and mistresses. (And, cynically, to increase the profile of this site. You get nothing for nothing in this world.)

I realise all this may sound kind of high-handed, as though I'm setting myself up as an authority. The awards are based purely on my own subjective opinions, and heck, there's no reason why you should care what I think of your site. But if you like awards, why not give it a try? To get an idea of the standards for the awards, or just to enjoy the best of the Escaweb, check out the previous winners.

There's also a section where I show off some awards that I've won, because... um... well, basically, because I enjoy showing off. Everyone needs a little ego boost sometimes, right?



showing off