awards - winners

Here are all the previous winners of the *escaboys awards! Please visit these sites and enjoy them for yourself - they deserve many visitors.

The Beauty Award

Escaflowne Shangri-La - truly, one of the loveliest sites around, and a unique resource in terms of its extensive screenshot galleries.

A Knight's Honor - an Allen Schezar shrine with truly lovely design and heaps of movie screencaptures. (I have a thing for screencaps.)

The Knowledge Award

Escaflowne Unofficial Italian Site - I like Italy. They've got gelato, they've got Sorrento, they've got Venice which of course looks just like Pallas. And now they've got this site which should be very handy for all our Italian friends who want to learn about Esca but can't make head nor tail of the Compendium in English.

New Age Dreamer - a lovely Hitomi shrine. One for Girls of Gaea if I ever get that show on the road.

The Madness Award

Parody no Escaflowne - the lighter, if not totally light-headed, side of Escaflowne. Lots of fun and deeply odd!

Mr T versus Escaflowne - a really, really, really odd page, which I admire like crazy. Especially fun for people with a low opinion of Allen Schezar and a love of 1982 GMC custom vans.

The King Site Award

Dilandau's Lair - I know this is already in the main 'sites' list, but it really deserves the top prize for being excellent in so many ways.