awards - apply

Here's your handy-dandy guide to the *escaboys awards scheme.

The Awards

Beauty - an award for pages with lovely design, excellent image galleries or fantastic music, anything that showcases the beauty of Tenkuu no Escaflowne. This award is represented by Allen Schezar.

Beauty Award

Knowledge Award

Knowledge - an award for pages with excellent information, furthering the cause of Esca-evangelism *^.^* This award is represented by Dryden Fassa.

Madness - an award for pages that are just really weird *^.^* in the nicest possible way. This award is represented by Dilandau Albatou. (Well, who else?)

Madness Award

King Site

The King Site Award - The *escaboys King Site Award (represented by Van Fanel) is given to the best of the best Escaflowne pages, those that are outstanding in too many areas for just one of the regular awards. You can't apply for it directly, as it is solely a webmistress'-discretion award, but it may be given to sites that apply for the regular awards if they deserve it.

To apply for any of these awards, please email me at and tell me:

* the site's title and URL (I can do nothing without these!).

* your email address, so we can get back to you about it (if I decide not to give your site an award, I will explain why without getting nasty, and offer constructive criticism, which you may feel free to ignore if you think I'm talking through my hat).

* your comments on why the site should be considered for an award - what does it offer to visitors? What's special about it? It needs to stand out in some way. If you're applying for a particular award, please say which one so I can keep it in mind when exploring your site. To get an idea of the standards for the awards, check out the previous winners.

What do you get if you win?

A pretty award graphic to display (which I request that you make a link to, a link on the 'previous winners' page so everyone who comes here can find your site, and a certain warm feeling of satisfaction.