Here it is, the product of much scrounging - probably the Web's biggest Dryden-dedicated gallery. I would've done thumbnails, but they're such a pain in the butt. I hope text links are okay.

Individual contributors to the gallery (thank you!) will be credited in their own sections of the gallery. Unfortunately, because the other images were gathered over a period of months before I planned to make a Dryden shrine (I just wanted pictures I could put up on my computer desktop or print and stick on my university notebooks), I don't have any record of where they came from. If you recognise one of the pictures in the first section of the gallery as your own, please email me and I'll give credit where credit is due. I can't say fairer than that, now can I?

If you wish to use any image from the gallery, you're welcome to do so as long as you download and save it, then upload it to your own server space - direct-linking images is a pretty scummy thing to do. Contributions of good Dryden pictures are always welcome - again, please email me. On to the pictures!

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Even more screencaptures contributed by Jerrin of Escaflowne Shangri-La - arigato gozaimasu!

~ A long shot of the kiss through the aquarium glass.

~ Girls always seem to make this face when Dryden leaves them.

~ In this case he comments on it. (Meanie.)

~ It's for her own good, really - time to say goodbye.

~ Stingy? Who's stingy? Oh, I think he's talking to his little rat-smithers.

~ You don't often see him look this expressionless. (see below)

~ Another of those pictures where I just wanna see if I can fit a whole cantaloupe in his mouth. My friend Simon can get a whole cheeseburger in his, and not gag. Simon's weird.

~ An interesting picture in which Allen is very agitated and Dryden and Van appear to be asleep.

~ Here's something you don't see every day: Millerna sorta apologising.

~ Here's something I'd rather not see every day: Dryden being a bit of a jerk. (This is not a narrative sequence of stills - I was following a train of thought.)

~ And something I could look at till the cows come home: Dryden smiling rather sweetly. (The other thing I like about this picture is that you can see clearly why Dryden is sometimes shown wearing plain glasses and sometimes sunglasses - he has those little hinged doohickeys. I always think of them as 'Dwayne Waynes' because of that annoying character in A Different World, a million years ago, back in the 80s.)

~ Dryden trying out the 'lordly fiancé' pose. Again, it's all in the eyebrows. (Dryden is on my list of People with Cool Eyebrows, along with Brian Blessed and Mr Spock.)

~ I think in this picture Millerna would like to quote Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 'You're invading my personal bubble!'

~ 'My father says your father's a weenie.' Well, basically...

~ Dryden's entry in the Vision of Escaflowne Teeth-Gritting Contest. (Arriving in Asgard, if you're wondering.)

~ Engaging in a spot of plot exposition. Yes, that's how it works.

~ The happy couple - or the happy groom and the bride who looks deeply bummed.

~ Hasn't he a noble profile? Being clean-shaven for once helps.

~ And we have wedding kissage. Cue total disaster.

~ Rain on your wedding day is an ill omen. An eclipse kinda sucks too.

~ And he gets hurt trying to protect her. I am such a sucker for that.

~ 'kay, by this stage I think this wedding officially bites.

Why the emphasis on suction in the abovegoing lines? Am I still thinking about wedding kissage? I dunno. I thought of that because of Oz's line about 'Willow kissage' in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I'm just going to get very off-topic for a moment and say that it's funny how many characters in Buffy and Escaflowne remind me of each other - Willow and Hitomi, Spike and Dilandau, Angel and Folken (Angel would be so much cooler with big black wings), Cordelia and Millerna. If Dryden were shyer, or Giles were more arrogant, I'd have another match there. There we go - if Dryden isn't successful as a post-war merchant on Gaea, he can move to Earth and be a Watcher.

Suck. Bite. I was thinking of vampires. Either that or mosquitoes. *swat*

~ Scanned by me from the Vision of Escaflowne Roman Album - a lovely b/w drawing of the bride and groom. This is for the cover of Hello! magazine.

~ Also from the Roman Album, here's an interesting detail - the crutch Dryden uses to walk while recovering from his nuptial injuries. Looking at how stooped over he is on that thing, I can't help thinking it might have been a good idea to give him a taller crutch.

~ A great piece of Japanese fanart, from the circle Nariyuki-Tei. What I love about this is Millerna's expression, how she's looking at him with just one eye, as if she might listen to him and allow herself to be persuaded, but he shouldn't count on it or anything *^.^* The artist has really captured their relationship. Oh, and made Dryden look spiffy *^.^*

~ More gorgeous fanart, apparently of Millerna and Dryden going on a picnic together. Love it! This is by Minato Tajima.

~ This image was a gift from my friend Lizz - a wonderful high-quality shot of Dryden and Sylvie in her aquarium. For the first time I can see that she does have a sort of top on.

~ This is taken from a scan of a cel Lizz is getting - I love this shot because for the first time I can see that Dryden has green eyes! Honestly, Millerna - he's rich, cute, nice, has green eyes - what's not to love?

~ Look at this doujinshi picture. Can you say 'total uncontainable lust for an anime character'? Sure you can.

~ Dryden in his library - I scanned this while hunting for Millerna pictures for her shrine (forthcoming). Quite a good flippy-glasses shot.

DVD screencaptures sweetly donated by the lovely Nariya

~ The Dryden face I could most fall in love with.

Extry! Extry! Dryden and Millerna's wedding pictures! The whole walk down the aisle to disaster *^.^* Anyone who can look at these pictures and deny that Dryden cleans up very well is either very dishonest or has a sadly warped perception of reality. Readers of Four Minutes will recognise these as the photos Adrian should have taken.

~ This is a better version of a picture I have elsewhere - Dryden looks serious, Millerna looks depressed as anything. (Note ladies-in-waiting. Readers of Sins of the Fathers will be thinking 'Hmm, no Carenza.')

~ Walking through the Knights of Heaven's guard of honour - a good shot of Allen Schezar's armpit. Note how everyone stares straight ahead with a ferocious dedication to avoiding potentially awkward eye contact!

~ Kneeling before the altar, between a guard of honour of guymelefs - they had to walk a long way. Nice profiles here to be put on the Royal Wedding tea-towels.

~ Getting blessed with the archbishoppy man's staff. I find it spooky that his staff is topped by a moon and a star, given the star symbolism I made up for Asturian religion in my Scars fanfics.

~ They turn to face each other, and Dryden gives Millerna a warm little smile, to reassure her, I guess. It's so not fair that she's marrying him instead of me. (Um. I don't want Millerna to marry me. Oh, you know what I mean.)


~ A random cute face.

~ The sequel. May I play with his hair?

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