Here it is, the product of much scrounging - probably the Web's biggest Dryden-dedicated gallery. I would've done thumbnails, but they're such a pain in the butt. I hope text links are okay.

Individual contributors to the gallery (thank you!) will be credited in their own sections of the gallery. Unfortunately, because the other images were gathered over a period of months before I planned to make a Dryden shrine (I just wanted pictures I could put up on my computer desktop or print and stick on my university notebooks), I don't have any record of where they came from. If you recognise one of the pictures in the first section of the gallery as your own, please email me and I'll give credit where credit is due. I can't say fairer than that, now can I?

If you wish to use any image from the gallery, you're welcome to do so as long as you download and save it, then upload it to your own server space - direct-linking images is a pretty scummy thing to do. Contributions of good Dryden pictures are always welcome - again, please email me. On to the pictures!

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Screencaptures contributed by Jerrin of Escaflowne Shangri-La - arigato gozaimasu!

~ Just for a kickoff, here's another face of his that I find cute.

~ From the final episode's ending sequence, standing on a balcony.

~ Reading Leon Schezar's journal - that should be 'Asgard,' not 'Asguld,' silly fansubber.

~ Expressing a somewhat misguided admiration for the late Mr Schezar.

~ Being not altogether polite to Allen, who is sulking in the background.

~ Being a doomsayer. No good will come of this! WooOOoo! *^.^*

~ A nice trippy image - Van reflected in a lens of Dryden's spectacles.

~ Losing the plot slightly. Well, it's a confusing series sometimes.

~ Literacy is so important when visiting ancient Atlantean ruins with psychic schoolgirls.

~ A good picture for people who also like Gadeth (hence a very good picture for me *^.^*)

~ Talking with Van, who looks absolutely teensy in this picture.

~ Smiling back over his shoulder (also, I think, at teensy Van).

~ I think here he's speaking to Folken, just after he defected to Asturia. (Oops. Spoiler.)

We now move in for the emotional whammy. These are shots from the scene where Dryden says goodbye to Millerna.

~ Apparently talking to a glass of wine rather than to his wife. (No, I can't stop being facetious just for one minute.)

~ Yes, it's just a picture of Millerna, but that's Dryden's hand touching her face.

~ See, she knows his name.

~ He looks at her like this and she lets him go. The girl has lint for brains.

~ Away he goes to try to make her proud.

~ She watches him leave. My friend Kevin, who is sometimes very bright in spite of himself, says of this scene, 'I don't think Millerna actually LOVED Dryden... but I think, at that moment, that she wished she DID.'

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