Here it is, the product of much scrounging - probably the Web's biggest Dryden-dedicated gallery. I would've done thumbnails, but they're such a pain in the butt. I hope text links are okay.

Individual contributors to the gallery (thank you!) will be credited in their own sections of the gallery. Unfortunately, because the other images were gathered over a period of months before I planned to make a Dryden shrine (I just wanted pictures I could put up on my computer desktop or print and stick on my university notebooks), I don't have any record of where they came from. If you recognise one of the pictures in the first section of the gallery as your own, please email me and I'll give credit where credit is due. I can't say fairer than that, now can I?

If you wish to use any image from the gallery, you're welcome to do so as long as you download and save it, then upload it to your own server space - direct-linking images is a pretty scummy thing to do. Contributions of good Dryden pictures are always welcome - again, please email me. On to the pictures!

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Miscellaneous & Unknown Sources

~ Dryden invites you to agree that he's awfully cute *^.^* (you see this picture all over the place, but it's still worth reproducing because he is awfully cute)

~ Dryden having a bit of a think - work those eyebrows

~ Cover of a Newtype Escaflowne filmbook, featuring Dryden & Millerna (thanks, Planet Gaea)

~ Dryden getting pushed out of shot by Allen's Big Hair (possibly from The Vision of Escaflowne Compendium)

Scans contributed by K.A. Pezzano of What Happened After? - you rock, Kevin!

N.B. These pictures are scans from a Memory of Gaea artbook. Some of the images were very small on the page, which is why they are not perfectly clear in the scans.

~ Dryden with a book - just to prove he's a scholar, if not a gentleman *^.^*

~ b/w character design sketch of Dryden, front and back views

~ Another design sketch - handy if you'd like to draw him yourself

~ Still another, this time three head-shots - I just love the one where he's laughing. Do you think you could stuff an entire cantaloupe into his mouth?

~ Dryden looking very spiffy on his wedding day

~ With Millerna, looking like a severe case of Battered Husband Syndrome (no, no, I have to be fair, she doesn't thump him - and even if she did she could patch him up afterwards *^.^*)

~ Holding Millerna's hand to his heart (aww)

~ Handing over the deeds to his fleet, to the horror of his rat-like PA

~ Very impressed by Escaflowne

~ Kissing his mermaid through the aquarium glass (this is a sweet one)

~ Just a second before the fateful wedding kiss

~ Attempting to impress Millerna with his library (well, it would work on me - hey, anyone remember that gorgeous scene in Disney's Beauty & the Beast?)

~ In Scrooge McDuck mode, sitting on a heap of money - although I don't believe Uncle Scrooge ever smoked a hookah. What is it they said in Swingers? 'You're so money, baby!'

~ Doing his best little Elvis sneer (this is embarrassing)

~ Smoothing back his hair (I find him immensely cute in this one, despite Kevin calling it 'smug' in the filename)

~ Another little b/w design sketch of Millerna and Dryden in their wedding clothes

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