Yoshikawa Eimi is the product of a tragic background. After her parents, eminent scientists, died in an explosion when one of their experiments went awry, she went to live with her grandfather, Professor Yoshikawa, Kyusaku's old teacher and the 'Father of Biotechnology.' Unfortunately, not long afterwards the Professor was also killed in an explosion (it's a family tradition) and Eimi was left to fend for herself. Because the Professor had been working for Mishima Heavy Industries, trying to complete the work Kyusaku had left unfinished when he did a runner, Eimi fell into the evil clutches of Akiko, and only just escaped with her life.

At least, that's what Eimi will tell you if you ask her. But you should take anything Eimi says with a pinch of salt because she's freakin' INSANE!

Don't let the cuddly exterior and the sad story fool you. It's true about her parents, but in fact Eimi died with them that day. The Eimi who exists today is an android (SNK 98) constructed by Professor Yoshikawa in the likeness of his lost granddaughter. (I don't know if she has Eimi's brain, as Nuku Nuku has a cat's brain, or if she is just programmed to replicate her personality.)

Unfortunately, the Professor's work never reached the level that Kyusaku's did. Eimi has one serious built-in flaw: if she becomes excessively agitated, in a fight for example, her body will rapidly overheat and blow up. Although Nuku Nuku is not structurally perfect, she doesn't have this problem, and so Eimi's goal is to take over her body.

Nuku Nuku: How do you think you're going to get into my body, anyway?

Eimi: I'm too stupid to worry about that!

That's about the size of it! Eimi is very cute, very evil and sometimes very dumb. There is a softer side to her, though. I like to think of this as the real Eimi, the remains of the personality of the girl who died. She was very kind to Ryunosuke about his parents' situation, and bought him a bunch of carnations to give to Akiko for Mother's Day when he couldn't afford to. (Later in that episode, Ryu called her 'onee-san,' big sister.) She wants to live life and enjoy it, but feels doomed by the instability of her body. She expresses this by quoting sad haiku under a spotlight in her underwear. *^.^*

You can easily tell the difference between nice-Eimi and psycho-mode-Eimi - when she goes postal her eyes go huge and buggy and glaring. At these times it's safer just to stay out of her way.

Eimi is probably the only schoolgirl in Japan who owns a Gatling gun. I just love her to pieces! Most of the time, Nuku Nuku likes her a lot too, even when they're fighting. Eimi's fun to fight with, after all.

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