12 February 2002 - I'm sorry, but the galleries are currently down and will probably stay that way until I'm able to move pbh to my future domain, www.airandangels.com. The problem is that I simply have too much stuff for the space I can get for free. I've found an arrangement that will give me the space I need without breaking me, but technical difficulties are preventing me making the move right away. I can only ask you to be patient.

5 November 2001 - After an initial offer to adopt this shrine out, I've come to the decision to let it remain here in a static state. This means that while I will still maintain it, there are very unlikely to be any updates or additions in the future. The reason is simple: I'm not a Dilandau fan any more. I think I've grown out of him. I'll leave <<pbh>> up because I know people enjoy it, but otherwise, sayonara, Dilandau-sama.

9 September 2001 - Real live new content! Check out the new Dragonslayers page for some information you don't see everywhere. Actually, I haven't seen it anywhere, exept my source, but maybe I haven't looked hard enough.

18 August 2001 - It was a big job, but I've gone through every page of this shrine and changed every appearance of the name 'Serena' to 'Celena,' 'Gadeth' to 'Gaddes,' 'Cid' to 'Chid' - etcetera. I stuck with my fansub and personal preference spellings far too long. It's time for the official version to take its rightful place.

10 August 2001 - to my joy, Scars On the Heart has won Fanfiction of the Year at the Aoi awards. See the Scars On the Heart page for details! Scars was my first completed fanfic piece, and this recognition is delightful. This story has a very special place in my heart because one of my best friends ever helped and encouraged me to write it, and it led to me encountering my other best friend ever. Also, I totally forgot Dilandau's birthday *^.^* Bad Sarah-neko! There are new linkies, too. I thought it'd be nice to put some of the best Dragonslayer shrines in there.

22 February 2001 - as you may have noticed if you're not blind *^.^* the site has a new look in almost all areas. (Who could be bothered to redo all the Battle Arena fight backgrounds using my new favourite shade of red?) There is also one (count it!), one new page, dealing with Dilandau's role in the Escaflowne movie. In the near future, I may finally finish off the Battle Arena.

17 November 2000 - this is not really an update since all I did was change a little text on the front page - someone pointed out to me that visitors might not realise there would be spoilers in, for example, Scars On the Heart. Quite true, hence the little '*spoiler*' warnings beside the relevant links, now. I didn't put one next to 'Spoilerama' because anyone dumb enough not to realise that that contains spoilers deserves their fate. A new featurette may be coming to this site soon as I'm working on another fanfic featuring Dilandau. It's yaoi. A few people may remember this site's previous flirtation with yaoi material *^.^* Never mind! This will be better.

later on 18 September 2000 - I've also fixed all my old email links so you can finally get in touch with me directly rather than going through poor hard-working Erdufylla *^.^* Three cheers for her! Page traffic seems to have gone up a lot lately, which I guess I can attribute to increased public interest in Escaflowne since a (very badly) dubbed and edited version has been airing on FoxKids. It's lovely to have more visitors, and I'm glad that through my pages people who have only seen Foxaflowne will get to learn about the true Vision. I've decided not to make too much acknowledgement of the Fox version of the show in my pages, even as I revise them. As far as I'm concerned, any version in which Dilandau has the voice of an eleven-year-old is just not worth bothering with!

Also, I may soon be moving the galleries to NCBI.com (formerly Xoom) where there's more space, but the rest of the site will stay on Tripod.

18 September 2000 - well, I'm finally back! I've made one change which is sort of small, but I flatter myself it will enhance visitors' enjoyment of the site. I also want to apologise for not doing anything about it for so long. Let me explain the problem first: I originally wrote my fanfic, Scars On the Heart, in Microsoft Word. Then I copied and pasted it, in chapter-sized chunks, into my beloved webpage editing program, Claris Homepage. One annoying side-effect was immediately obvious: any words that were written in boldface or italics reverted to plain text, and I had to go through every chapter rejiggering them. (I got so tired doing this that I think I missed a few, but frankly by this time, whatever.) But another side-effect didn't show up until I'd uploaded the HTML chapter pages to this site. My readers, if they notice my punctuation at all, may have observed my inordinate fondness for the semi-colon. But they may also have thought 'what the hell is this "&endash;" thing that crops up all over the place?' The answer is, it seems that the little bit of code which should have produced a hyphen with a space on either side of it on the page was for some reason printed by itself, instead of producing the desired character on the screen - as though you saw 'question mark' instead of the symbol '?'. I don't know why that was happening, especially since if I type directly onto an HTML page I can do hyphens flanked by spaces with no trouble - see? At first I didn't notice it, and then I thought it was unimportant because you could still read the story. While I was away overseas, I actually did read part of the story online using a friend's computer, and I couldn't believe how annoying and concentration-breaking the '&endash;'es were. So I've finally changed them, replacing them with '...' which apparently presents no difficulty. I don't feel like a loser for having weird punctuation, you get to read about Celena without your brain hurting too much, everyone's happy, right? *^.^*

God, that was a long explanation for a few little dots... Also, I'm using Internet Explorer a bit more these days and I must say I'm disappointed by how some of my layouts look in it. I designed them for Netscape... it's just not fair.

30 March 2000 - For reasons explained in Where in the world is Sarah-neko?, there will be no significant updates here for some time to come. At the moment, the only significant change to the site is that I had to take down the Pyro Post postcards section, because it stopped working and I just couldn't get it going again. Most aggravating. I apologise to anyone who's disappointed by this, but there's not much I can do. Enjoy what's left!