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Here's a page for those little things a website accumulates - especially if the webmistress is a bit silly.

8.9.99 - <<pbh>> has been chosen Best of Pod for Tripod's Anime Pod! That's a kind of clubhouse for everyone who has an anime page on their server. Tripod, I salute you *^.^*

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This Vision of Escaflowne Ring site is owned by: Sarah-neko

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This page was an Anime Web Turnpike Weekly Web Pick for 07.05.99! Cheers, Anipike! (If you have an anime-based webpage, I strongly recommend that you register it with them. It's where the vast majority of my hits come from.)

I am the official Keeper of the strands of Dilandau's hair struck off by Van's sword on that fateful day when yadda yadda yadda, and of Gaddes's gauntlets. Naturally, I treat Dilandau-sama's hair with the appropriate reverence, storing it in a little velvet-lined box and burning votive candles before it. (As for Gaddes's gauntlets, I put them on and run around clashing my forearms together until everyone in the house has a headache and he chases me to get them back. Fun fun! *^.^*) To reserve a keepsake of your own, apply to the Realm of Escaflowne Keepers.

Continuing my mildly mushy fondness for Allen's second-in-command, at the Koibito Archives I'm listed as Gaddes no Koibito - *^.^* that kinda means I'm his girlfriend. Delusional? Who's delusional? I'm aware there's no place for this sort of nonsense in a Dilandau shrine - I really need to make a little Gaddes shrine, ne? And I have! Please visit Oh My Gaddes! (quite possibly the worst pun I've ever perpetrated).

Dilandau Fan Club

I'm a proud Dragonslayer! If you'd like to join up too, click on the badge and tell 'em Sarah-neko sent you. Badge graphic by Ryuuen no Miko.

Dilandau Loves You Award

I just had to seek approval from Dilandau-sama. Actually, I nearly got a slapping, but I managed to placate him. Whee, I am loved! *^.^* Click on the graphic and you too can take the Dilandau Survey and see whether you measure up.

Is it humanly possible to be cuter than a five-year-old Van Fanel? Many thanks to Kerry for this endorsement! Click on the award to visit her Vision of Escaflowne page.