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If you'd like to link to <<prettyboy from hell>> from your site, thank you very much! A text link to would be great, but if you'd like to go one better and use a banner or button, you can choose between these.

Prettyboy Banner

(above) Nice little banner, 200x40.

Prettyboy Banner

(above) Same again, but with a border so it'll show up better on a pale background. (Assuming you remembered the border=0 tag *^.^*)

Prettyboy Banner

(above) The 400x60 banner - I love this face, don't you?


(above) Little 88x31 button - scary, beautiful eye.

If you want to use one of these, please save it to your own computer and upload it to your own webspace, as direct-linking to images causes bandwidth problems, which make my brain explode and I die. Thank you so much!