Scars On the Heart

This story is recommended for anyone who, at the end of Tenkuu no Escaflowne, thought 'what's going to happen to Allen and Celena next?'

It is contra-indicated for anyone who has not seen the end of Escaflowne *^.^*

After spending two-thirds of her life as Dilandau Albatou, how will Celena adjust to life in Asturia? Can she accept herself as she is? Can anyone else?


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Author's Notes

Notes on the Gaean Calendar

Please note: this is the new, revised version of Scars, as of January 2000. For access to the original 1999 version, go to What Happened After? This story is affectionately dedicated to Kevin, who was its muse.

Scars On the Heart is ©1999-2000 by Sarah-neko... at least, some of the story ideas and characters are. Otherwise, it's a big-ass violation of copyright. What fun!

SOtH has won Fanfiction of the Year in the Aoi Hitomi Fanfiction Awards 2001! Thank you very much to all the lovely people who voted for my story. Click on the button to visit the awards site, or click here to see my beautiful award graphic! *^.^*

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scars on the heart

scars on the heart