Where's a Dilandau fan to go? And what other good Escaflowne pages are there? Not to mention other anime, and things that are utterly unrelated but just kind of cool. Here are some of my favourite links - enjoy them! (And if you don't enjoy them, I dunno, whine. It's up to you.)

Dilandau's Lair
Syrena Doné's very fine Dilandau shrine - has some unique images! I owe Syrena special thanks for the model sheet pictures used in my graphics. It used to be the most stuff-filled and frequently updated Dilandau page I knew of (like, daily changes) and, although pressures from Syrena's real life have cut back on this, still has a strong sense of fan community, which is always nice *^.^* (It's still stuff-filled!)

Here are some lovely little shrines to the Dragonslayers, too.

serenity (Chesta)


Vanity Fair (Dalet)

Neglected!! (Migel)

SlayGround (everyone!)

To find more Dilandau shrines, and others, try

Another of my little projects - this is a collective site which aims to bring together links to all the best shrines to Escaflowne guys. My own modest contribution to a sense of online community *^.^* *escaboys features all five of my own Esca shrines, <<prettyboy from hell>> (you're soaking in it), Oh My Gaddes! (yes, I apologise for the pun) Merchant Prince (Dryden Fassa), Here Be Dragons (Van and Folken) and The Allen Schezar Project. Through the collective you can find sites about Van, Folken, Dryden, Gaddes, Allen, Dilandau, Jajuka and even Mr Mole - hopefully it will continue to grow in future.

Man Prettyboy's Best Friend - (I don't know how visible that is, but 'Man' is meant to be struck out) A well-made and thorough little shrine for Dilandau's most loyal companion, and the coolest bipedal dog in the world, by a good friend of mine, but that's not why it's in here, honestly!

Escaflowne Shangri-La
A beautifully-made general Escaflowne page with heaps of unusual pictures - I especially admire the screen capture galleries.

The Vision of Escaflowne Compendium
The unofficial official Escaflowne information site. It's very well organised and presented, and should generally be your first port of call for any question about the series.

What Happened After?
My friend Kevin's fanfic page, and original home of my Scars On the Heart story. I did the pictures and layout, whee. (You may notice that my skills have come on a long way since then - or at least my style has changed.) It's really kinda fun.

The Bubblegum Garden Society
'kay, so Kevin's my friend, and Elizabeth was Kevin's girlfriend, and The Bubblegum Garden Society is Elizabeth's Chibi-Usa shrine, so there's the logic. I'm linking to this not just because it's a cool site by a nice person, but because it's probably the only Chibi-Usa site to mention Dilandau... worried? *^.^*

Timberwolf Instruments
Flutes. Really, who doesn't like flutes? Especially hand-crafted Native American and Japanese Shakuhachi flutes made by a very nice person of my acquaintance. Please note that, although Timberwolf Instruments is a commercial site, I don't profit from its success in any way other than the satisfaction of having helped a friend.

Anime Web Turnpike
The best source for anime and manga links, my friends.

Air & Angels Anime Shrines
The collective jumpoff page for all my anime shrines. Besides the Escaboys, these include:
Nuku Nuku Punch! - a guide to the Golden Age of All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku - it's cute, pink and silly, just like Nuku Nuku!
Greenstone - I like Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. I really like Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. But there are a zillion general SM pages, not to mention shrines for the various Senshi, so I started making shrines about relationships, secondary characters and villains in the show. Such as this:a memorial to the star-crossed love between Osaka Naru and Nephrite. Features extensive character information, episode summaries and fanwork.