So... who is Dilandau Albatou? Why have I made a shrine about him? Some people reading this will be like 'shyahaha, like the questions need to be asked' but there are unfortunate people who don't know, and I want to help them. *halo*

Dilandau is a character in one of the best anime series ever, Tenkuu no Escaflowne, or The Vision of Escaflowne as it's known in English. The official subtitled release is available from You need this show in your life.

And, whether you know it or not, you need Dilandau in your life. Yes you do. You need a fifteen-year-old pyromaniac with narcissistic and sadistic streaks in his character, a tendency to scream 'Burn! BURN!' and his very own eight-metre-tall mecha equipped with stealth cloak, T-1000-style liquid-metal weaponry and a flamethrower. In the war that engulfs the world of Gaea in the series, he's the most lethal soldier on Zaibach's side, leader of an elite squadron known as the Dragonslayers.

Dilandau aficionados will try to explain their affection for him in terms of craziness, cuteness and coolness, and he possesses all these traits in abundance. Yet still, it's hard to explain exactly what's so great about him. It's one of those things that you just respond to at a gut level. He's bishonen. He's bizarre. He's a badass.

As for the title of this shrine, the first episode to show Dilandau in his full glory was titled Devilish Comely Boy (in the old fansubs) or Diabolical Adonis (in animevillage's subs). <<prettyboy from hell>> is just my retranslation of the title, which I think conveys a little more of Dilandau-sama's personality *^.^* 'Bishonen,' if you don't know, is the Japanese word for 'beautiful young man' - or 'pretty boy.' Dilandau exemplifies the concept in the most disturbing way imaginable.

Whether you're an established fan or just getting to know the guy, I hope you'll enjoy exploring the shrine. Please sign the guestbook and leave some comments!


<<Spoiler Warning>>

This site contains spoilers relating to the characters and storyline of Tenkuu no Escaflowne . I don't believe it's really possible to discuss Dilandau properly without considering every aspect of his life and career - and some of these come under the heading of spoilers. So if you haven't seen the whole series yet, please be careful in your browsing, and don't get mad at me, because I did warn you. I'll try to keep the 'Dilandau In Detail' page safe for your viewing, and the Gallery will probably be pretty innocuous, but remember you may find remarks relating to events at the end of the series anywhere else. Particularly stay away from Spoilerama; that name is just a dead giveaway *^.^*