I've recently redone this gallery with text links to images instead of thumbnails. I know some people prefer thumbnails, but I've chosen this option because I'm trying to conserve webspace (thumbnails are only little but every little bit counts) and also I like being able to comment on the pictures. (As you know if you've visited the galleries of my other Escaflowne guy shrines. Find them through *escaboys.)

These images were gathered from various sources, and unfortunately I don't have a record of where every one came from. Special thanks, however, to Celena 190 of and Kevin Pezzano of What Happened After? You, my visitors, are welcome to download any of them for your own use, on condition that you do not direct-link to them from any other webpage and mess up my bandwidth. Should you ignore this sweetly-phrased warning, Dilandau will be round to kick your butt, or perhaps just set fire to it. Enjoy the gallery!

This section threatens to become the largest, inappropriately, because I'm fascinated by Celena Schezar (even though I like to spell her name Celena) and Jajuka is, quite simply, the coolest bipedal dog in the world.

>> Celena being held by Allen after returning to herself.

>> A technically impossible picture of Dilandau and Celena in the same place. She's probably wondering what that flower would taste like.

>> A shadowy shot of Jajuka over Dilandau's shoulder - Jajuka is all the poor boy has left.

>> A better look at Jajuka. He has very good hair. Fur. Whatever.

>> Jajuka in the Oreades cockpit. (I have way too many boring little headshots of people in melef cockpits.)

>> Jajuka's character page from the Memory of Gaea artbook.

>> Flashback time! Jajuka taking care of five-year-old Celena.

>> Poor Jajuka with blood in his fur - he's being beaten for trying to protect the little girl.

>> Celena calling her brother's name under an ominous sky.

>> The world's cutest picture of Allen and Celena when they were children, also from the Memory of Gaea artbook.

The following pictures come from the excellent screencapture collection of Escaflowne Shangri-La.

>> Celena wanders back into Allen's life. Okay, she looks stoned.

>> But what beautiful eyes she has!

>> Kneeling at her mother's graveside - I'm not sure she even understands where she is.

>> More eye-appreciation - memory is not a strong point.

>> Distracted by a butterfly. At this stage, no, she isn't really Celena - Dilandau is still just under the surface, which is why that butterfly should be very afraid.

>> Being able to catch a butterfly one-handed is really pretty good. The small, sleepy smile on her face here is magnificently creepy. I think she's still wearing Dilandau's necklace.

>> On the battlefield just after she returns to herself, taking off Dilandau's tiara. So obviously she doesn't intend to hang onto his jewellery permanently *^.^*

>> Looking for her brother.

>> Yet another shot of Celena looking vague *^.^*

>> And now, looking frightened. Little as we see of her, I think Celena's actually the most beautiful of the girls in Escaflowne. Well, y'know, good Schezar genes.

>> A kneeling hug with Allen, and a magnificent understatement in the caption.

>> A standing hug. He's definitely not going to let go of her now. (Probably mentally picking out a bird-cage even as he speaks *^.^*)

>> Watching Van take off. Actually, do you notice what a tight grip he's got on her upper arm? No, I'll stop, I'm always mean to Allen - I quite like him really.

>> Gazing up into the sunshine, with Allen and the understandably dazed-looking Crusade crew. I just really like the juxtaposition of uniforms in this shot. It's like seeing a Jedi Knight cuddling a Lord of the Sith.

>> Brother and sister together in the final credits sequence. Allen looks happy and confident, but there's still something wistful in Celena's eyes... Images like this made me believe that Celena would make a good subject for fanfic.

29.02.2000 - the kindly proprietress of Erdufylla's Garden of Anime Bliss has scanned these pictures from the back of a Memory of Gaea artbook.

>>Dilandau, Celena and for some reason young Prince Chid, with a cool curly background which turns out to be spurs of liquid metal. I wonder why it's these three together? Surviving relatives of Allen Schezar, style of fing? As a correspondent (whose name, I'm afraid, I can't remember) pointed out, all three characters are voiced by Minami Takayama, so that's likely to be it.

>>Dilandau looking adorably puzzled by a lacy blouse he's found. I stuck this in the 'spoilies' section because its humour does kind of depend on you knowing he used to be Celena.

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These are a few scans that I really like from a mildly yaoi (homoerotic) and very goofy doujinshi (fanart comic book by a group of artists) called Boku o sagashii ni. You can see more at the very cool Genkiland! Unfortunately, I can't read Japanese, so I can only guess at what's going on in these pictures - I just picked out the coolest-looking ones. Anyone who wants to volunteer for translation duty, please, email me!

>> Van seems to be captured and unconscious, and Dilandau is looking peeved. That's a lovely moody Folken profile in the middle.

>> Dilandau looking adorably stoked, and Folken sweatdropping. If you want to be silly about Escaflowne, the Dilandau-Folken dynamic does offer great opportunities.

>> Dilandau seems to have received a love-letter - from General Adelfos. This scan will also be appreciated by people who think Gatti is cute. Presumably a parody of the scene where Dilandau slaps him for reading out the 'Don't have too much fun' postscript from the general's letter. According to Mike Trent, who had a bash at translating some of these, the gag is that the PS is followed by a little heart-mark, literally 'haato maaku' - like signing a letter S.W.A.L.K.

Oh well. At least it was only S.W.A.L.K. and not N.O.R.W.I.C.H. or B.U.R.M.A. *^.^*

>> A b/w sketch of the cover art for the doujinshi - Dilandau's snagged a feather. I like this better than the full-colour version, where Dilandau's hair looks blue and his eyes look pink. So you won't be seeing that here *^.^* (oh the power, the power of being a webmistress)

>> A full-length portrait of Dilandau looking sulky and gorgeous.

>> A very cute and miffed-looking Dilandau apparently wants to know why Folken has a nosebleed. I don't think I do.

>> Look! It's the one with Dilandau-and-Van kissage! *^.^* According to a helpful person called cyborg mermaid, the translation goes

Hitomi: It's no good, that coupling is all wrong!! *SCRUNCH*
Hitomi: NOOOO! Don't kiss!
Hitomi: Aaaaaah! (They did it...)

Well, speak for yerself, Hitomi, I think they make a cute couple *^.^*

>> A rather slinky-looking Celena in Dilandau's uniform.

>> Does this kind of look like Van has a crush on Celena? Gee, maybe Hitomi has more competition than Meruru to worry about...

>> I have no idea what is going on here, but from the look on Allen's face Celena has just said something really weird and somewhat gross. Looking very cute and coquettish as she does so. Celena's a babe. A mildly scary babe, but a babe nevertheless.

Once again, cyborg mermaid has come to my aid (and it's just as bizarre as I thought):

Selena: I was surprised too,
Selena: But when I was Dilandau...
Selena: I even had a d-ck. (tee-hee!)
(A D-CK?)
Van: So...did it ever go back in?
Selena: Well, of course it did! (giggle!)

Our translator adds 'No, I'm not making this up. ;_; The word that Selena uses to describe her anatomy should be "chinko," but the middle was bleeped out.'

Uh... yeah, tee-hee!

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