I've recently redone this gallery with text links to images instead of thumbnails. I know some people prefer thumbnails, but I've chosen this option because I'm trying to conserve webspace (thumbnails are only little but every little bit counts) and also I like being able to comment on the pictures. (As you know if you've visited the galleries of my other Escaflowne guy shrines. Find them through *escaboys.)

These images were gathered from various sources, and unfortunately I don't have a record of where every one came from. Special thanks, however, to Celena 190 of and Kevin Pezzano of What Happened After? You, my visitors, are welcome to download any of them for your own use, on condition that you do not direct-link to them from any other webpage and mess up my bandwidth. Should you ignore this sweetly-phrased warning, Dilandau will be round to kick your butt, or perhaps just set fire to it. Enjoy the gallery!


>> A kind of pinup - Dilandau's face through flames. One of my favourite Dilandau smiles.

>> The double-page spread version of the same picture, with a very scary-looking Alseides. Unless I mean Oreades. I can never tell the difference just looking at them.

>> A very cute picture - Dilandau's reaction to Allen Schezar kissing Hitomi. 'Ew, mush!' *^.^*

>> Dilandau feeling exuberantly happy and surrounded by pink swirls. Um, whatever *^.^*

>> A magnificently sleazy smile. Has anyone ever looked at you this way? And did it lead to both of you getting arrested?

>> Here he seems to be making a suggestion - probably involving fire, 'cause we know Dilandau.

>> Looking extremely startled. I think he was having a bad day. Dilandau has a lot of those.

>> A slightly arty picture - Dilandau reaches out to grab ya. (I think this may be very high-quality fanart; I don't know its source but it doesn't look quite like standard Esca art.)

Note from Erdufylla: I received an e-mail today that tells the origin of this pic. It is from the cover of the Vision 3 Quebec release of Escaflowne. Many thanks to
Resurie Kojiro for pointing this out!

>> Dilandau on his throne. Yep, he's got a throne. Love the lion statue behind it. I'm a little surprised to see that , apparently, boys with glasses are allowed in the Dragonslayers.

>> Another pinup sort of thing - there's a set of images in this style for all the major characters, with a larger, faded version of their picture as a background. A nice smirk.

>> Dilandau looking rather jaded and hangoverish - he's still attractive.

>> See, he even looks cute when he's - h-he's - I don't know what, I can't remember what scene this shot is from.

>> A nice sweaty picture. Actually, Dilandau sweats quite a lot; thank goodness we don't have smellevision.

>> A sequence of captures from the Escaflowne opening sequence, a limelit Dilandau with very beautiful garnet eyes drawing his sword: One >> Two >> Three >> Four >> Five.

>> Just looking mean. He's such a little stinker.

>> Again with the pink swirls and the exuberance - although rather more so. I bet you could fit a cantaloupe in his mouth.

>> If you take this image out of context - I mean, obviously he's in his guymelef so it must be a battle situation - he looks kinda, I dunno - does it look to you as though he's blushing? I think this is the sexiest Dilandau picture, though I can't quite put my finger on why.

>> Cover art from one of the Escaflowne video volumes. I do like the narcissus flowers. (And who is that behind him? *^.^*)

29.02.2000 - the kindly proprietress of Erdufylla's Garden of Anime Bliss has scanned these pictures from the back of a Memory of Gaea artbook.

>>Not so much pretty as goofily cute - I think of this as Dilandau 'yarping.'

>>Again with the goofies - I don't know what the heck is going on here, but he looks hypnotised by his own index finger.

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Yes, it's a 'prettyboy' shrine. But this is the 'from hell' part *^.^*

>> Actually, this one's sorta pretty too, but as he swoops through the air like this you know he's planning something ugly.

>> Swooping down to do Something Very Bad to Van. It didn't work out quite how he'd planned.

>> Cause this happened. Van's so inconsiderate.

>> 'Prick' is a translation of the Japanese 'chiku,' describing the prickly, itchy feeling of a healing cut. But out of context it just looks like he's calling Van names *^.^*

>> A rather dark picture of poor Dilandau collapsing on the Vione.

>> Neither looking nor feeling his best - well, no-one looks good screaming and strapped to a slab.

>> Snarling. Dilandau has a terrific snarl.

>> Peeping through his guymelef's eyepiece - he's seen something he's happy about.

>> One for the 'disturbing beauty' category - one very angry eye.

>> He really shouldn't do this with his lower jaw, he looks like he's chewing cud or something.

>> Enjoying his job. Far too much *^.^*

>> Panicking and sweating profusely at the sight of Van's massacre of the Dragonslayers.

>> Receding into darkness in terror. (I was feeling very sorry for him at this point.)

>> Hunkered down in his little liquid-metal nest, grinning.

>> Looking vaguely stoned. Nonsense! Dilandau doesn't need chemical assistance to behave like a total freak! He's on Nature's trip!

>> A ghostly Dilandau-face superimposed on a firestorm. Something of an 'I love the smell of napalm in the morning' moment.

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