Interview with Arisa & Kyoko

I made my way to MHI headquarters, an impressive building with some reconstruction work going on on one side. Stationing myself outside the front door, I had only a few minutes to wait before Arisa and Kyoko emerged. In the text of the interview, SN stands for Sarah-neko, A for Arisa and K for Kyoko. Superman stands for Truth, Justice and the American Way.

SN: Excuse me! Excuse me, Mitamura-san, Koitabashi-san, may I talk to you?

A: What about?

K: If it's the restaurant, we're going to make the payment this month, okay? We're just waiting for our bonus.

SN: Actually, I wondered if I could interview you about Android NK-1124. (Suddenly, the two of them grab me, one arm each, and haul me back into the building. I am slammed against a wall and frisked; they find my tape recorder and a lollipop I was saving for later.) That hurt, you know!

A: Quiet! (wags the lollipop in my face) How did you find out? There haven't been any media releases about NK-1124.

SN: It was kind of hard not to notice the huge explosions and columns of dust and smoke rising above the city!

K: Yes, but that could have been anyone. It wasn't necessarily us.

SN: MHI machines were often seen by numerous eye-witnesses at the scenes of the battles!

A: They could have been hi-jacked. And you didn't see anything.

SN: What is this, anyway? OLIB?

A: What?

SN: Office Ladies in Black. Like Men in Black?

K: But our uniforms are pink.

A: I like the sound of it, though. Hey, we should get some of those Predator sunglasses!

K: We can't afford them this month! You said we were going to get the air conditioner fixed!

SN: Man, is that thing still busted?

A: What do you know about it?

SN: Can I have my lolly back first?

A: No, I'm going to eat it.

SN: Meanie! Meanie meanie meanie! (I try to grab the lollipop from her but she holds it out of my reach and laughs.)

K: Look, if you know so much already, we may as well talk to you. What did you want to know?

SN: Okay, first, where did Arisa get that neat Chinese dress she was wearing in Phase OIII?

A: Mail order. Next question.

SN: My friend Helen thinks you two might be more than friends.

K: Your friend Helen's a deviant.

SN: I know, I keep telling her that. Do you two like quiche?

A: Quiche?

K: No, neither of us likes quiche.

SN: Mental note, scratch rat creature analogy. Things seem to have quietened down a lot since your space adventure. What are your plans for the future?

K: Our plans are Our Lady's plans, and we're not at liberty to discuss Our Lady's plans.

SN: Okay. If you give me back my lolly and my tape recorder, I won't tell Your Lady about what you did with the space shuttle.

A (sulkily): All right. Now get outta here. People have work to do.

SN: Thank you! Bye-bye!

As I walked away from MHI, I realised I was no longer taking these interviews as seriously as I should. True, these people were crazy, but that was no excuse. I had one more name on my list, and I knew she should be approached in a sober and cautious frame of mind.

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