Interview: Nuku Nuku & Ryunosuke

The following interview was conducted at the Natsume residence in Nerima, Tokyo. I arrived in time for afternoon tea, which was very charmingly served by Nuku Nuku. In the text of the interview, SN stands for Sarah-neko, NN for Nuku Nuku and R for Ryunosuke.

SN: Thank you. These are awfully good cookies. Did you make them?

NN: Yes, and Ryunosuke helped cut them out.

SN: I must ask you for the recipe before I leave. Ahem. So, I'd like to ask you a few questions about yourselves, your lives, for this website I'm making.

NN: Go ahead!

SN: Nuku Nuku - does it ever bother you to be the centre of attention so often?

NN: No! Nuku Nuku loves playing with her friends. I get a little bored when no-one comes to play with me. Of course, I have Papa-san and Ryu for company.

SN: I was thinking more of the attention you get from men?

NN (blinks): From men?

R: You know, like Yoshimi-chan's uncle Shinichi.

NN: Oh, right! He was so nice to me! But he was nice to all of us. I don't think I was the centre of attention.

SN: What about the boys at school?

NN (laughs and waves her hands): They're just being friendly! They've all been really kind since I started there. I never have to carry my own books or open a door or anything. I'm not sure why they want to do those things for me, of course... I'm lucky to have so many wonderful friends.

SN: Do you have girl friends too?

NN: You mean apart from Eimi-chan, Arisa-chan and Kyoko-chan? Not really. I'm not sure why, but the other girls at school don't talk to me a lot.

R: They're just jealous because all the boys want to talk to you.

NN: Really? That's awful! I'll have to tell the boys to talk to them too.

SN: Uh, good idea. Ryunosuke, how do you feel about having such a popular big sister?

R: It's okay except for having to answer the door to the Interflora guy all the time. Some of them have found out where she lives now.

SN: And what's going on for you at the moment?

R: I'm in the softball team at school, and I've just started karate lessons at the Tendo dojo near here. They make my family look normal.

NN: Ryu, that's not a very nice thing to say.

R: Well, it's true. Have you ever noticed how scared Ranma-san is of you? What's with that?

SN: Maybe he just has a crush on her so he's shy?

R: Do you run screaming from people you have crushes on when they come to collect people from lessons? One time when he couldn't see anywhere else to go he went up a tree.

NN: I think his little sister is scared of me too.

R: Ranma-san hasn't got any sisters.

NN: He hasn't? She looks so like him!

SN: Uh, I think we're getting a little off-track here. Nuku Nuku, what are your plans for the future?

NN: I'm going to take a nap and have a bath and see if I can find any interesting-looking bugs. (beams)

SN: Uh, anything more long-term than that?

NN: Long-term?

R: She's gonna stay here with me and Dad, of course! Or maybe we'll be moving back in with Mum. I think maybe they're thinking about getting back together but I'm not sure and I don't want to jinx it.

NN: Mama-san sent Papa-san a chocolate mail bomb on Valentine's Day.

R: For Mum, that's really mushy.

SN: Sounds interesting! I'll have to ask him about that when I interview him.

R: You can still see some of it stuck to the ceiling in the hall.

NN: I'll have to get a stepladder and clean that off.

SN: Is he home now? Could I talk to him?

NN: Sure! He's in his little den.

SN: Thank you both for being so helpful!

NN: You're welcome. It was fun!

R: I'll warn you now, he's been up for about three days...

The interview concluded, I went to find Natsume Kyusaku...

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