Nuku Nuku Punch! was made using Claris HomePage 3.0, on a Power Macintosh G3. All images were edited (a little bit, at least) by the webmistress using Adobe Photoshop 3.0 and Graphic Converter. The cute font used in the headings is called Porky's, and you can download it for free from Font-a-licious Fonts. The background pattern was made using BorderMonSeries 1, also from Font-a-licious.

If you're thinking 'why the heck is it called Nuku Nuku Punch!?,' that's because it's the name of an attack Nuku Nuku uses against the giant robot satellite thingy in Phase OVI. I could get technical, but basically, it involves Nuku Nuku punching something. *^.^* I understand 'Punch!' is also used in Japanglish (can you think of a better word for the way the Japanese pepper their language with English words?) to denote a sort of cute wackiness and mayhem, and Nuku Nuku has that in spades. Or maybe it's because I thought of the name late at night, when I was tired and punchy... just pick whichever explanation pleases you most.


Thanks to Font-a-licious, obviously!

A big soppy hug to Kevin, who introduced me to Nuku Nuku (and thereby to the world of anime beyond Sailormoon).

Another one to Kevin's charming girlfriend Erdufylla/Elizabeth, who's minding my shrines for me while I travel. (See Where in the world is Sarah-neko?)

Kudos and (imaginary) candy to Safox, who gave me a tip about layout. Visit her Glitter shrines!

With regard to giving credit for images, I find myself in something of a quandary. Some of the images used were collected months before I had any idea of making this shrine, so I don't remember where they came from. Often you can get the same image from various sources; there aren't that many in circulation. I can say for sure that most of the manga-style images came from Serpent's All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku page. And many thanks to Tiger John of Nuku Nuku's Page for his help with Eimi pictures. In the end, I've decided that if you, the visitor, recognise something you see here as your own and would like credit for it, just email Erdufylla, my deputy, and she'll make a note of it on this page. 'kay?