All the Nuku news that's fit to print!

28 October - well, I'm back, and I've made a few little improvements - basically only noticeable in the links page, which has had to be thinned out. Sometime soonish I might add an image gallery - we'll see. God, I'm a suckful webmistress. Still, I said as long ago as August last year that this was a static site.

30 March 2000 - for reasons explained in the Where in the world is Sarah-neko? page, I won't be making updates to this site (ha, as if I ever update it!) for about six months. See you when I get back!

24 November - here we are at our new home on! It's the same old Nuku Nuku Punch! - I just wanted to clear some space on my GeoCities account.

11 August - in the interests of honesty, I will just state now that this site is pretty much dormant. It is as complete as I wanted to make it in the first place, and I don't really have the resources (intellectual or material) to produce something more elaborate or extensive. I hope everyone still enjoys it but the only changes likely to be made in the immediate future are graphical, like if I finally get sick of the front-page layout and want to create something different. I just felt I should admit that. This evening I've gone through the place making sure everything is in order, updating a few links and the like. Ja ne!

7 June - *ahem* No, I don't update often. (My SM pages get more regular attention, but I'm not sure what else to do with this page. Maybe I'll think of something in my upcoming intersemester break. Postcards? Information on the TV series and the other OAV?) Anyway, I've joined another webring - go Anime Redheads!

5 February - a new Link, and new reviews of all the episodes by the all-purpose cultural fanboy, Kevin. Go to the Story section to check 'em out.

4 February - I did some HTML tweaking - rollover messages for some of the links, and fixing the text so that it'll display in Arial or Helvetica if your computer doesn't recognise Verdana, the font I used. I meant to do these in the first place but forgot in my eagerness to upload... gomen... Coming soon: reviews and thoughts from someone other than me! This should be entertaining...

3 February 1999 - All updates and improvements to this site will be listed here. But there are no updates yet, because it's brand new! Go and look at the rest of it, you're wasting your time here. *^.^*

In the course of today, I added a guestbook, a counter and joined the APCCG Nuku Nuku webring. The ring doesn't work perfectly yet because I've only just joined and am not yet Officially on the list, but it should be fine soon. I modified the ring code a little because I didn't want the images that went with it - they slowed down the loading of the front page and weren't harmonious with my design. I've also submitted Punch! to the AniPike, so the visitors should start coming in soon... I hope... to anyone reading this, thanks for showing up!