Grandfather Mishima - Akiko's grandfather, and the owner of Mishima Heavy Industries. Since his granddaughter became President, he no longer takes such an active role in the direction of his company, and lives in retirement on a large and palatial estate. An odd old man, whose idea of fun is playing shoot-em-up games with robots - programmed, one supposes, to let him win. Ryunosuke and Nuku Nuku introduced him to paragliding and he was never the same again. *^.^* He keeps a white mouse as a pet, and although he is, of course, a hard-nosed mercenary warmonger, seems like a decent enough old buffer.

Hagiwara Yoshimi - Ryunosuke's little friend, who went to the beach with him and Nuku Nuku, and was invited to spend Christmas Eve with the Natsumes. Ryu has a bit of a crush on her. Yoshimi does not have much personality; she's just a nice little girl. Something of a pawn.

Hagiwara Shinichi - Yoshimi's slacker uncle. He lives in an old house near the beach, which is where Nuku Nuku, Ryu and Yoshimi stayed on vacation. Shinichi has a terrible crush on Nuku Nuku and went to great lengths to impress her. He's not exactly sleazy, but would fit right into the British comedy Men Behaving Badly. Apart from meeting Nuku Nuku, probably the coolest thing that ever happened to Shinichi was helping Kyusaku crash the Land Rover into a giant armoured octopus. A very boysy moment. (He's the one on the right. I couldn't find any better pictures of him.)

The Weird Boys - That's just what I call them. They might also be termed Nuku Nuku's fan club, or the Nosebleed Brigade. They're four teenage boys (there's also a tall, chubby one who isn't in this picture) who spend a lot of time, and money they can ill afford, in Akie's restaurant while Nuku Nuku is waitressing there. They are all desperately in love with her and believe Kyusaku is some kind of Humbert Humbert exploiting her. Full marks for daring go to the little one on the right - when Nuku Nuku says the manager will scold her for sleeping on the job, he says 'Why don't you come over to my house, and we can sleep together?'

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