All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku, or Bannou Bunka Neko Musume as it was known in Japanese, is a six-part OAV (Original Animated Video) series from 1992-93. Created by Yuzo Takada (also known for the horror/comedy 3x3 Eyes), it's an extremely funny, remarkably cute shonen mecha comedy about an android with the brain of a cat.

Nuku Nuku Punch! is intended as an introduction to the series for those who don't know it, and a little treat for established fans. It aims to be cute, fun and silly - just like Nuku Nuku herself! Here, you'll find character information, episode summaries, images and thoughts inspired by the series.

There are also Nuku Nuku manga, a TV series and a second OAV that was released in 1998, but only the original OAV is covered by this shrine, for the following reasons.

1. I've never read any of the manga.

2. I've never seen the TV show.

3. I've never seen the second OAV either, but I've seen some pictures and HORRORS, they redesigned Nuku Nuku! They gave her cacky GREEN hair! They also did something screwy to her facial features so she just isn't cute any more.

I deplore this devolution of a truly adorable character, and choose to focus on the Golden Age of Nuku Nuku - which is, after all, the area I know about. I do use some manga-style art for decoration, just because it's beautiful.

Nuku Nuku has been released in the English-speaking world by A.D. Vision, with subtitles. I also heard there was a dubbed version which, very unusually, employed British voice actors. Apparently either Arisa or Kyoko (my source couldn't remember which) had a Liverpool accent - gear! *^.^*

Now you know what Nuku Nuku is, explore the shrine and find out who Nuku Nuku is!