Nuku Nuku's here to serve up some cool links! (What is that gunk in the glass, spirulina?)

Nuku Nuku's Page
Not only a good basic information site - it also has an extensive and comprehensive links section, plus Eimi-chan's Page and the Mishima Heavy Industries home page. Plus, the webmaster helped me out with some images, so he must be a great person!

NukuNuku & Company
A cute bilingual (Spanish/English) Nuku Nuku site, good for information not only on the Golden Age but also the manga, the TV series and the second OAV. With lots of links!

The Nuku Nuku Picture Shrine
A superb Nuku Nuku image gallery! Finally I found another one. Through their pop-up menu you can also find picture shrines for Merle and Nariya & Eriya, my other favourite anime catgirls from The Vision of Escaflowne.

Gee, I really don't have a lot of Nuku Nuku links, do I? The trouble is, I used to have far more but most of the ones I liked have disappeared from the Web over time, like Isn't It Psychotic? and the Nuku Nuku Emporium. And mine just remains static, because... umm... because I'm lazy, to be frank.

Unfortunately, the AnimeCity Nuku Nuku image gallery, which furnished a lot of pictures for this site and was generally really groovy, no longer exists - the AnimeCity domain itself no longer exists. If you're having trouble finding a page which used to be on the AnimeCity server, try AnimeCity Expats. There's another pretty good Nuku Nuku gallery at Ultimate Animanga, but it's just not the same. *snif* I miss AnimeCity...

Museum of Non-Primate Art
YES! I finally found it again! This is the site for Why Cats Paint and Dancing With Cats, two brilliant pieces of work that should change the way you look at cats forever.

Sarah-neko's Anime Shrines
The nerve centre of my little web empire. Here you'll find all my anime based websites:
- Focus: Yuuichirou & Rei
(a Sailor Moon relationship shrine)
- <<prettyboy from hell>>
- Oh My Gadeth!
- Merchant Prince
- Here Be Dragons
(all shrines to gorgeous guys from The Vision of Escaflowne)
- *escaboys
(a collective of Escaflowne guy shrines from all over the Web)
If you've enjoyed Nuku Nuku Punch! you should check out my other sites, ne?

Timberwolf Instruments
Flutes. Really, who doesn't like flutes? Especially hand-crafted Native American and Japanese Shakuhachi flutes made by a very nice person of my acquaintance. Please note that, although Timberwolf Instruments is a commercial site, I don't profit from its success in any way other than the satisfaction of having helped a friend.

What Happened After?
Do you suffer from AEDS? No, that's not an excessively personal question - it's Anime Ending Dissatisfaction Syndrome. This site is dedicated to anime-based fanwork that aims to answer the question of the title... and features some of my stories and art. (Yes, I am a shameless self-promoter.)

Anime Web Turnpike
Simply the best place to go for anime and manga links, and the source of most of my hits *^.^*