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down these mean streets a man must go

who is not himself mean

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Black and Blue went online 25 November, 2001. Work on the shrine began on 24 November, 2001, which goes to show that I am Queen of the Slapdash Rush Job. There may be updates and additions in the future, but I'm not promising anything. This is simply an outburst of enthusiasm.

All graphics were edited by the webmistress using Adobe Photoshop v6.0 (with a little help from Graphic Converter) and the whole thing was whipped into shape using Claris HomePage v3.0 on a Power Macintosh G3. I've done my best to make sure it will look okay in most browsers and on most computers, but I cannot take responsibility for any screwiness caused by you using some awful Windows-running thing. (Or a computer that you built yourself and call Tomato.)

The fonts used in the site graphics are (blue) Hungrumlaut from Fontalicious and (white) Eight Bits from dinc! Both are free to download, and available in versions for both Mac and PC. Use 'em in good health.

If you'd like to link to Black and Blue, you're welcome to use one of these link graphics. Please don't direct-link to these copies - download, save and upload to your own webspace. Thank you!

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