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Anyone who wishes to link to Black and Blue is welcome to do so. Thank you! A plain text link is fine, but you may also like to use one of the graphics available on the Site Info page.

Black Dog Serenade - the first Jet Black shrine, and truly outstanding. The design is basic, and the galleries will deeply frustrate anyone without a broadband connection or a weekend to spare (as the webmistress herself admits), but the writing, the writing! Insightful, wonderfully funny, sharp as a tack and generally kick-ass. Jet deserves more fans like this.

Cowboy Bebop - the official site, and actually pretty bloody good. You can learn about the original Sessions, the movie Knockin' On Heaven's Door, and all sorts of nifty background stuff.

Bebop! - a general Cowboy Bebop site that I rather like. Informative and smartly-designed. - the website of my dear chum Lizz, who introduced me to Cowboy Bebop. Her favourite characters are Lin, Shin and Gren. Can't get her away from the tragic bishies *^.^* Sue me if I prefer a man with bulging thigh muscles to one with breasts...

Anipike - the Anime Web Turnpike. Gotta love the links.

Air and Angels - my collective site, from which you can find all my webpages. A great deal of drooling over fascinating fictional men. I only seem to fancy the fictional ones...