black and blue Jet Black shrine

down these mean streets a man must go

who is not himself mean

Black and Blue >> Intro

It went more or less like this.

1. My friend Lizz sends me Cowboy Bebop tapes.
2. I begin to watch said tapes.
3. I develop an instant crush on Spike Spiegel, quite possibly just because he is called Spike.
4. I continue to watch said tapes.
5. Jet Black grows on me until I find Spike rather unremarkable.
6. I decide (while at the gym trying to use my quadriceps, a rather reluctant muscle group in my case) to make a Jet Black shrine.
7. I go to see what's already out on the Web, discover
Black Dog Serenade and almost despair, because the webmistress expresses everything I'd already thought of with clarity, wit and verve.
8. I decide to make a shrine anyway, because even if all I tell the world is 'I love Jet Black too!' that's still worth saying.

This shrine is a bit of a departure for me; it's the first I've made focusing on a character from a truly adult series. Given that I started out with Sailor Moon, I've come a pretty long way in my anime fandom. Given that that first shrine was for an underappreciated supportive hairy guy (Yuuichirou - you know, Rei's unwanted swain), maybe I haven't after all... My other anime guy shrines are devoted to The Vision of Escaflowne, which is certainly mature and deep, but pitched at teens and twenty-somethings (if the ages of the core cast are any guide). Indeed, I was initially interested in Bebop because I knew Escaflowne creator Shoji Kawamori was a contributor and Escaflowne composer Yoko Kanno wrote the music. Otherwise, I didn't know jack about it, although I was aware that it was a bit beyond my world of biseinen. (Feel free to picture me cuddling UFO catcher dolls of Gaddes and Folken. Ooh! Another hot guy with a prosthetic arm!)

And then there's Jet. Burly, nudging middle age, scarred and prickly. He sure didn't grab me when I first saw him, but then, we can't all be Allen bloody Schezar, can we? Besides, Allen gets less appealing the more you find out about him. Jet is just the opposite. So I developed another crush, and another shrine. I hope you'll enjoy it.