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Black and Blue >> Gallery

This is a small collection of my most favouritest Jet Black pictures, scavenged from around the Web. Visitors are free to take copies and use them for whatever they please, but may not direct-link to my copies. (In other words, to spell it out real carefully, save the image on your own computer and upload it to your own webspace.) Should you ignore this reasonable condition, thereby screwing up my bandwidth, your neck will be squeezed by a burly man with a prosthetic arm until you are very sorry.

>>Wonderful moody black-and-blue picture of Jet. Inspired the original design for this site. Shows you his vulnerable side, ne?

>>Jet chilling out in wraparound sunglasses. An image from the opening credits; very badass.

>>Jet and his weird little adopted family. Faye questions bonsai (never question bonsai!), Ed plays with Ein, and Spike hangs out in the background, just near enough not to feel lonely, but not so close as to look like he actually wants to be with them or anything.

>>Jet and Spike having a good laugh. Love this picture! It's got that 'happy memory' golden glow about it... either that or we're viewing them through a fishtank full of pee. (I'm sorry I thought of that.)

>>'Love and peace, man!' Jet in his hippie costume. You can see that Spike, just behind him, has not gone to nearly as much trouble to dress up - he's just wearing a harlequin mask. Now I want to move to a commune with Jet. I'll write novels and grow old-fashioned roses as a hedge around the cannabis plantation, and he can cook yummy meals, clean the geodesic dome, and try to get the other hippies to listen to some decent jazz instead of that Grateful Dead crap.

>>Jet with a net-gun, looking very badass. Some bounty's luck just ran out...

>>Everybody loves Jet. That's why they're trying to get so close - either that or he just became the centre of a new black hole. This is one of those pictures where the lines of his beard around his mouth give him a faintly ape-like look.

>>Jet looking sexy with a scribbly shadow. This is his pinup shot. Or maybe an endorsement for Motorola.

>>Jet, Ed and Ein in their Sunday best, off to bamboozle a hospice security guard. May I just say that I adore Jet in this suit? I just love the fact that, in the 21st century, there's still a man who knows how to wear white gloves and a sharp hat with a suit, and look comfortable and cool.

>>The usual suspects... this Bebop crew image doubles as a handy height chart.

>>Jet in green on the cover of a VCD. Very, very Marlowe. (Except for the part where I think Marlowe is gay. You want proof, refer to Farewell, My Lovely, the bit where he meets Red. The pheromones practically drip off the page.)

>>Character design for Jet. This is the sort of thing you see on the model sheets used as a reference guide by animators - or in this case a booklet for fans.

>>The many faces of Jet - and his arm. Details that would be very helpful if you were in the mood for fanart.

>>Jet's fabulous wardrobe. Designs of the costume changes he goes through in the series. I wishI had this in a high-res scan that showed more detail - we've got Jet in his Sunday best and Jet in his underwear! (Not to mention the funky Russian hat.)

>>Details of the Hammerhead, Jet's little air/spaceship. It's not actually designed for combat, being a fishing vessel that came with the Bebop (an ex-trawler). So basically he's scooting around in a dinghy with a grappling hook.