Here, for the viewing pleasure of the illustrious Brianne, is my collection, small though it is, of Gadeth pictures. Please try not to drool on your keyboard; they are so expensive to replace.

(above) Here we have a simple portrait, cropped out of a bigger full-cast picture. Very nice.

(above) With the rest of the crew of Crusade, getting arrested in Asturia and looking very pouty about it. You can't see his face so well but it's a good shot for the details of his clothes.

(above) I can't remember what was happening in this scene; I think he was being grumpy and skeptical about Hitomi's dowsing abilities. I like the way he's sitting backwards in the chair, and how his sleeves are pushed up.

(above) Trying desperately to fit into shot around Allen's hair. He looks a little grim here. (Possibly because he's realised he's never gonna be in the foreground of one of these shots.)

(above) Looking worried while Allen makes a fuss about Hitomi. Hmm... 'twould appear Gadeth is a bit furry under that shirt... *^.^* as long as it's on the chest and not the back, I can handle that. On a somewhat related note, I cannot believe how puffy Allen's sleeves are in this picture.

And, as I said, there are two more pictures of him at - one rather blurry one, series-style, but useful for showing the detail of his gauntlets (mine! *^.^*), and one nice big version of the movie design. I would've put them up here but I figured this would be a horrendously long load as it was... Anyway, I hope you like 'em!