Updates Archive

20 January 2002 - Happy New Year, y'all. Finally a little new stuff - four great pictures by a new artist on the Misc. page! Michele Chouinard said to herself, 'Hmm, movie Folken would look a lot more interesting with series Folken's teardrop and bionic arm...'

30 November 2001 - long time no update. Two new shrines in the Sites listing, for Dilandau and Allen. Also, for your viewing and giggling pleasure, two new pieces of Angela Jordan fanart on the Misc. page - a cute comic strip and a nice angsty picture of Folken, Dilandau, and Dornkirk looking like the Eye of Sauron.

12 October 2001 - another new shrine in Folken's section of the Sites listing, hurrah! I wuv Folken.

23 September 2001 - A new Folken shrine in the Sites listing, which kinda makes up for the loss of Zaibach Soldier. I dreamed about Escaflowne last night. And The Powerpuff Girls and Pogo, so the Esca characters were in good company. In fact Chesta became a Powerpuff Boy, after an extended period of hiding in a cupboard for fear of Dilandau. New Angela Jordan fanart on the Misc. page, too! Sorry it took me so long, Angela. *looks at picture* Am I the only person thinking 'Born under a bad sign with a blue moon in your eyes'? Movie Folken versus Tony Soprano; now there's a showdown!

Hey, did anyone else spend the first couple of seasons of The Sopranos thinking '"Born under a bad sign with a boom-boom in your eyes" doesn't make any sense'?

29 August 2001 - sadly, I've had to remove a couple of links to shrines that have gone down. More happily, I've been able to add a couple of new links to the Sites listing! Dryden and Dilandau are the happy chappies today. I'm wearing my hair in four braids like Nelly Furtado in the 'Turn Off the Light' video. Portuguese chicks rule.

10 August 2001 - a new Gatti shrine in the Sites listing, and some rather hot Gaddes fanart on the Misc. page. *wipes drool off chin* Not to mention, on the same page, more of the lovely work of Colleen Burns, and more Escamon fic! I have new awards to show you on the Showing Off page, too. Everyone wins *^.^*

25 July 2001 - three new works by Angela Jordan on the Misc. page. She's branched out into sculpture! I think this is really very cool; I never saw a mask on a fanart page before.

16 July 2001 - Shinguji Sakura-chan has produced a sequel to her very funny fanfic - see the Misc. page.

12 July 2001 - the Misc. page now actually contains fanfic by someone other than me! Yaaay!

29 June 2001 - two new pieces of fanart by meeeeeee on the Misc. page. I'm not sick any more - well, only in the head.

15 June 2001 - a new mini-shrine of my own in the Sites listing, under Dragonslayers. It's very mini but it's quite cute and unusual.

14 June 2001 - still sick *^.^* I've developed a wheeze in my chest. Wanna hear? Anyway, I put something funny on the Misc. page. All together now - 'Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.'

Also, I've re-organised the fanart section - thumbnails and artist sections. I think it's a bit of an improvement.

13 June 2001 - I'm still sick. Hurrah. Sadly, I've had to remove red guymelefand Blue Eyes because, well, they don't seem to exist any more. Did some general neatening up in the Sites listing, trying to keep it useful.

12 June 2001 - and even more Angela Jordan art on the Misc. page! On a personal note, I'm sick, I feel horrible, and it's two more days until my best girlfriend gets back from her holiday in Italy and I can whine to her. *wibble* (You can bet I've been whining to my best boy friend, who is stuck in Alabama with nowhere to run, nowhere to hide *^.^*) Also, plumber guys are on the roof of the house fixing the guttering and making a lot of noise. Thank you for letting me share.

Later, I added some fanart of my own to the Misc. page. The aforementioned absent friend was the first person I shared this idea with. Her response: 'You're a sick f***. I like that.' Enjoy!

8 June 2001 - even more Angela Jordan art on the Misc. page!

28 May 2001 - sadly, I write not to tell you of an addition to the Sites listing, but of a removal. An Unlikely Comfort, which was my favourite Mr Mole shrine, has been deleted by its creator, and is no more. I've also taken Byran's Escaflowne Image Galleries out of the Dilandau section, because strictly speaking that's not a shrine, although it does show a strong partiality to Dilandau. It was in there by mistake at first, because I copied and pasted a section from the Links page of <<prettyboy from hell>>, and after that I let it remain, but I thought I should finally neaten things up. At some stage in the near future we'll probably be getting a new Gaddes shrine!

13 May 2001 - I've done yet another piece of fanart on the Misc. page, which might give you a bit of a giggle, especially if you like Gaddes. Duo has also drawn more serious pictures of him, which you can see in the same place.

4 May 2001 - a new winning site in the Awards section. Congratulations to Mila! Also, I feel like announcing that my Air & Angels jumpoff pages at and have new layouts, one of which is really pretty and the other of which is a bit of 'phworr' all right.

23 April 2001 - even more Angela Jordan art on the Misc. page!

6 April 2001 - a brand new page in the Sites listing! Amano finally gets his fair share of attention.

5 April 2001 - two spiffy new pieces of fanart on the Misc. page! By the way, I don't have mono. In case anyone was worried *^.^*

4 April 2001 - back online and once more considering submissions.

22 March 2001 - Sorry about the recent disruption of service! It was all Tripod's fault, but things seem to be back to normal. I've thought about removing my sites from their space, but informing everyone of the changes just seems like too much hassle. Anyway, we're back and we're as bad as ever. Unfortunately, I'm having a problem with my ISP deal, and for the next couple of weeks (until I get changed over to a different package) I can't view webpages unless I want to pay $1.20 per MB, so updates will be few and I can't review new submissions until that time is past. Sorry! ASP is at a new home on GeoCities.

17 March 2001 - Happy Saint Patrick's Day to yis. There's new fanart on the Misc. page!

Also, you may have noticed that the Allen Schezar Project is down. Apparently I violated Tripod's terms of service. I am not prepared to deal with this right now (Bad Day) so it will be down for a little while. I'm sorry.

16 March 2001 - there's a lovely piece of new fanart on the Misc. page, and I may have mono! Isn't my life exciting?

12 March 2001 - new fanart on the Misc. page, and a link there relating to fanfiction - yep, you can finally read those stories I've been yammering about!

2 March 2001 - as promised, three glorious new entries in the Sites listing! They're all about Dragonslayers. Enjoy!

27 February 2001 - Although this isn't a legitimate update I feel like telling you that I have a new gong up at the Showing Off page. *toots own trumpet*

24 February 2001 - more fanart, by a new artist, on the Misc. page. In other news, people who like the webmistress' own shrines may be interested to know that all of them have seen fairly major updates in the last few weeks, and there are three shrines which may be added to the list shortly - one has a few technical difficulties to iron out, and I'm waiting to hear from the webmistress of the other two, but they should be excellent additions when all this is sorted out. All are about Dragonslayers. I'm finally getting my collected works fanfic site sorted out, too.

8 February 2001 - yet another piece of fanart by Jackie on the Misc. page!

5 February 2001 - Folken's a popular boy lately - he has a new shrine in the Sites listing! In other Folken-related news, I have finally made updates to Here Be Dragons. Two new pages and more on the way!

24 January 2001 - The Sites listing now features a new shrine for Folken - go, garnet eyes *^.^*

14 January 2001 - The Sites listing now features another new Migel Labariel shrine! And my cat has developed a talent for catching rubber squid.

9 January 2001 - And again, Van has a new shrine in the Sites listing. There's not much more of the Year of the Dragon to go, of course, so I guess he has to squeeze 'em in now *^.^* What's coming up? Ah, the Year of the Snake. I wonder if this will see an upsurge in shrines to the creepy pink-haired quarry supervisor and the lovely Nina?

5 January 2001 - First update of the new year, rah rah! Van has a new shrine in the Sites listing.

27 December 2000 - I've added two notes to the Join requirements in the hope that this will clarify matters. I'm not trying to be nastily exclusive, but recent submissions have shown that not everyone understands what kind of sites I'm looking for. By the way, I got a weird guestbook entry at Here Be Dragons recently: 'cute little site for 2 of the better charecters, but where are all the guymaleths???' Born on the same planet (presumably), living in two different worlds...

25 December 2000 - yes, I am such a sad-act I made an update on Christmas Day. Happy Christmas to all of you, and you may be interested to know that the Sites listing now includes a page for Ruhm the wolfman. Secondary characters rock!

13 December 2000 - There are new pages in the Sites listing for Migel (of all people) and Dryden.

12 December 2000 - After a long absence (not my fault, long story), I'm back! There are new pages in the Sites listing for Dilandau and Van, and a brand-new section for the Dragonslayers. Whee!

17 November 2000 - You can see another piece of fanart by Jackie on the Misc. page!

14 November 2000 - Three things. The Sites entry for A Knight's Honor has been updated (thing one), due to renovations which resulted in it winning the *escaboys Beauty Award and making me go 'COOL!' a lot. (That's thing two.) And there is now a Prince Chid shrine in the list! Let's hear it for the second cutest five-year-old in the show! (The first is Van in flashbacks.)

12 November 2000 - Meh, I'm frustrated. I still haven't been able to get The Allen Schezar Project into - link submissions close so fast! I've tweaked the Sites page so it should be easier to find what you want.

9 November 2000 - Another new not-by-me piece of fanart on the Misc. page! And I've heard from another prospective Zongi shrinekeeper. When did he get so popular?

3 November 2000 - Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear Allen, happy birthday to you! *gives Allen a big birthday smooch* In honour of this occasion, I am proud to unveil my latest webwork, The Allen Schezar Project! Also new on *escaboys is a snazzy Van shrine. See the Sites listing for details.

30 October 2000 - There's a cool new piece of fanart on the Misc. page, which for once I didn't draw. Also, today I had email from someone who's starting *drumroll* a Zongi shrine! Hurrah! It's not quite complete yet, but as with the awesome Van shrine I mentioned on the twentieth, I'm hoping to add it when it is.

29 October 2000 - I have something new to show you on the Showing Off page!

27 October 2000 - I've updated the Misc. page, and since this page was getting kind of overlong for quick loading, moved a chunk to the Updates Archive. That oughtta make things run a little more smoothly. Would you believe I'm still not done with the Allen Schezar Project? I have made some progress, though. The other thing I've been spending a lot of time on is a yaoi (homoerotic) fic about Van and Dilandau, entitled Love With Its Back Turned. Yes, that is a weird title, it comes from one of my favourite quotes: 'Hate is a force of attraction. Hate is only love with its back turned.' Terry Pratchett, Equal Rites. I also think it's a fun innuendo *^.^* I won't be posting it on the Web until it's complete, but if you'd like to be added to the mailing list to receive the chapters as they come out (in MS Word format - please be sure you can open these files), please email me! I'll be happy to bring you up to date on the 'back issues.' Warning for the innocent: this story does get sexually explicit, so if you are upset by that type of thing I counsel you to avoid it. Also if you strongly disapprove of swearing *^.^* Warning for the perverted: it doesn't get sexually explicit for several chapters, because I mess around doing things like character development *^.^* You might enjoy it anyway. My other fanfics available on the Web are Scars On the Heart and Dryden & Sylvie. Soon I'll create an overall Sarah-neko's Fanfic page through which you can find them all, including a new continuation story about Van and Celena, Burning Down.

22 October 2000 - Thanks to Daniel, who let me know that I needed to check the Sites page for broken links. Everything should be jimdandy now. If you find any other problems, email me.

20 October 2000 - I found a nice-looking Allen shrine! See the Sites listing for details. I've also recently received a submission for a really cool Van shrine, which wasn't quite ready to go public, but I'll let you know about that as soon as it's ready to see the light of day.

30 September 2000 - Okay, I know I swore no more Dilandau for a while, but I can't help it if people keep making good shrines for him, can I? See the Sites listing for details! On the Sarah-neko's Projects front, I have resumed work on my Allen Schezar parody shrine, so you might see some action there soon.

18 September 2000 - I've finally done that housekeeping. What I'm now preoccupied with is finding some more sites to list, or, more specifically, finding some sites to list that aren't about Dilandau. He's very over-represented right now and I feel bad about it. I also want to redesign Merchant Prince (but I love the *escaboys layout too much to ever mess with it, unless I think of something better) and complete The Allen Schezar Project. Stay tuned!

8 September 2000 - there's still housekeeping work to be done onsite that I haven't gotten around to (bad Sarah-neko), but I have added two new fanart pictures to the Misc. section. They're rather pretty, so why'n'tcha go and have a look?

5 September 2000 - Sarah-neko in the house! *crickets chirp, a tumbleweed slowly bowls by* Okay, I'm back earlier than I said I would be, but I need to ask you to bear with me as I slowly but surely get my sites back in order. Erdufylla did an excellent job (and is extremely nice in person, because I met her in the States and she gave me a sandwich) but of course there are things I need to take care of personally. For a while things may be in a little bit of a mess. Please forgive the temporary inconvenience. But I am doing stuff, as anyone who's checked out the Here Be Dragons galleries knows, and there are now three new shrines in the collective for you to enjoy. See the Sites listing for details!

3 August 2000 - Hi again! I know it's been a while since there have been any updates. Sorry about that. There will be plenty when Sarah-neko gets back in September! I just got a letter from her the other day, and things are going well as a camp counselor. If anyone has something truly important they wish to pass on to her, e-mail me and I will send it along to her via snail mail.

The real reason I am posting this update, however, is to inform anyone who doesn't know yet about the Escaflowne dub that will air on Fox Kids this summer. It starts August 19th at 11:00 am ET. If you'd like to see the trailer for it that was aired on Fox, click here. Keep in mind that this file is 9MB, but it is very good quality. If you haven't seen the promo, I suggest downloading it! Happy viewing!

6 April 2000 - Hello! Your interim webmistress, Erdufylla, here. I just wanted to take this opprotunity to say hello and introduce myself. As Sarah-neko has said, there is plenty of information about me on my website, Erdufylla's Garden of Anime Bliss, and since we're gonna be spending the next 5 or 6 months together, I suppose it would be nice to get to know each other! *^_~* Ok, at this point you're probably thinking She's nuts! Completely bonkers! Sitting here writing like she's talking to one person! Well, I am nuts. *^_~* But maybe that's why Sarah-neko trusts me to keep her pages up and running while she's trekking across the world. At any rate, here I am! Questions, comments, fan-mail (you wanna send it? I'll take it! *^_~*), send 'em all to Bye for now!!

End of March 2000 - As you know if you've read the Where in the world is Sarah-neko? page, I will be unable to make updates to this site myself until the end of September 2000. In the meantime, *escaboys will be managed by the lovely Erdufylla, keeper of Man Prettyboy's Best Friend. Everything else y'all need to know is in the 'where in the world' page.

I do feel bad about leaving the Escaflowne web community at such a tumultuous time, since the news that FoxKids may be airing a dubbed version of the series has just broken. So much for my Loyalty medal... oh, you don't know about that? *^.^* I got some awards! See the Showing Off page. It's nice to bow out on a high note - and don't worry, I'll be back, just not for about six months.