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8 March 2000 - A new and charming shrine, Promises Not Needed, is in the Van section of the Sites listing - g'wan and enjoy it. I did! (And not just because I got a favourable credit in the Gallery. *blush*)

As I may have mentioned, I'm going away at the start of April to travel the world. But don't worry, because administration of this site will be taken over for the duration by a very good egg of my acquaintance, Erdufylla. More about that later.

25 February 2000 - We now have two, count 'em, two spiffy new Jajuka shrines where before there were none! See the Sites listing for details! What I find humbling is that the creators of both these sites cite my sites as inspiration. No, actually I find that head-swelling *^.^* The thing is, even without being vain about my own work, I think it's great that something I did prompted someone else to make something I can objectively say is pretty damn' cool.

12 February 2000 - 'tis a great day for the Allenish. A lovely new shrine for the esteemed Mr Schezar has opened, the gallant swordsman, so see the Sites listing for details! This kind of spoils my plans to help Mr Mole to Webwide domination, since it brings them neck-and-neck, but I was gonna wreck that with the Project anyway. Oh well - you can't keep a good knight down!

5 February 2000 - Kung hei fot choy! I'm sorry if I spelled that wrong, but it's meant to be Chinese (Cantonese) for 'Happy New Year.' This is the first day of the Year of the Dragon, and I am pleased to announce the opening of my new shrine for Van and Folken Fanel, {{ Here Be Dragons }}. See the Sites listing for details. There's also new art in the Misc. section. I've been a busy girl!

Meanwhile, I've had news of another forthcoming Jajuka shrine, so we should see that here soon! I've once again picked up the idea of an Allen shrine, with a somewhat different style than I'd first envisioned - once I've recovered slightly from my Van-and-Folken overload, I'll start work on The Allen Schezar Project *^.^*

27 January 2000 - woah, first update of the new year. Happy Y2K, y'all. The big news is, there is another Moleman shrine! Isn't that awesome? It was conceived by the delightful Umi of Mystic Eyes, in collusion with Kat of the Moleman Worship Page (and, I'll admit, with considerable encouragement from me, 'cause you know I love secondary characters) as part of a campaign whose goal is to see Mr Mole with more shrines on the Web than Allen Schezar. Well, he's already got more shrines in *escaboys! See the Sites listing for details.

In other news, Here Be Dragons is running close to deadline, since I'm planning/hoping to launch it on February 5, the first day of the Year of the Dragon. Wish me luck. Actually, wish me inspiration. I have some chewy writing to get through. And, happily for all secondary-character fans, there will soon be a Jajuka shrine. I'm in touch with the girl who's making it, and I expect great things of her. For a sample of her peculiar genius (I mean peculiar as in unique to her, honest *^.^*) check out The Cantaloupe Shrine or The Bubblegum Garden Society, probably the only Chibi-Usa shrine in the world to include Dilandau. If you want to find out why and in God's name how, go visit!

15 December 1999 - A new shrine! Hop along to the Sites listing and visit Mystic Eyes. Van deserved this. Here Be Dragons is currently, um, in a holding pattern. At the moment I'm spending a lot of time writing a ridiculous but enjoyable yaoi love-story taking place about a quarter-century after the events of Scars On the Heart (my gigantic fanfic, housed at <<prettyboy from hell>>) - that one story has spawned an even more gigantic continuity, which may someday see the light of the Internet. Ten days to Christmas. Holy crap, I don't have anyone's presents yet.

7 December 1999 - Now I do have a title for the Van-and-Folken shrine. It'll be called Here Be Dragons - and, well, it'll be the kind of shrine I do, just about Van and Folken. (In other words, fluffy-brained drooling interspersed with character and narrative analysis and attempts at humour, not all of it off-colour.)

There was no particular point in telling you that, but hey, it's my website *^.^* Here Be Dragons will be ready for viewing... someday. I can't be more definite than that. Also, I've been looking around for more shrines for the listing, but good ones are hard to find.

2 December 1999 - Dilandau-likers may be interested to know that the galleries at <<prettyboy from hell>> have been reorganised and considerably expanded, including new screencaptures and doujinshi art. In What Sarah-neko Is Up To News, I am making plans for a combined Folken and Van shrine - since I couldn't choose between then, I decided not to. I don't yet have even a title for it but I'll let you know as soon as there's any news.

And in Sarah-neko Showing Off News, I got straight As for my final exams this year (well, two A minuses and two plain As), so I guess constructing *escaboys at the same time as trying to study didn't do any harm after all. Yay!

27 November 1999 - The gallery at Merchant Prince has been greatly expanded from its beginnings. If anyone had gone there repeatedly over the last few days, they might have been rather perplexed to observe the rapidly-changing URLs of the images - first they were located in, then, before ending up at their present home, (which is in the account where my father keeps his military history homepage). All this feverish shifting is because I've filled up both my Tripod and GeoCities accounts with sheer bulk of stuff. As a result, I am in the process of farming my old Sailor Moon relationship shrines out to other webmasters who have the patience and enthusiasm to go on with them - while I retain great affection for Sailor Moon, I just can't be bothered to keep up with SM sites any more. Once Focus: Yuuichirou & Rei and Greenstone: a memorial of love are off my GeoCities account and being cared for by the noble Mooch and Chibirei, I'll have room to expand in new directions - at the moment I'm trying to decide whether to make a Van shrine (I know what I said about heroes, but I have a little thing for Van) or a Folken shrine, possibly to bite the bullet and finish Janua Caeli, or perhaps I should take a break from my dear Escaboys and dedicate a site to Irresponsible Captain Tylor. I think Ru Baraba Dom and Folken have the same tailor.

23 November 1999 - There is a Moleman shrine. Do not adjust your set; I repeat, there is a Moleman shrine. Check it out in the Sites listing. (Congratulations to Kat for being weird enough and cool enough to make it.)

12 November 1999 - There's some new fanart in the Misc section.

11 November 1999 - Merchant Prince is up and running! If you like Dryden, go there! If you like piña coladas, go to a bar called O'Malley's to plan your escape. (I had that song running around my head like a rat in a cage this morning.) There's a new fight in the Battle Arena at <<prettyboy from hell>> for them as likes that sort of thing (why I've just started to talk like a rustic Lancrastian in a Terry Pratchett novel, I don't know) and a new feature may be forthcoming soon... depends on whether I can get the co-operation I need.

7 November 1999 - Just a small announcement - I have shelved the Janua Caeli project for the foreseeable future, because I'm running short of inspiration. (Allen fans may be outraged. Okay, you make a shrine about him, then.) I don't think I can make shrines about heroes, just secondary characters and villains - as a glance at my homepage will attest. The same thing happened the time I tried to make a Sailor Mercury website (although I maintain that 'Chasing Ami' would have been a cool title) - whole thing fizzled like a damp bottle rocket. With this in mind, my new work in progress is the first (to my knowledge) Dryden Fassa shrine, 'Merchant Prince.' Stay tuned *^.^*

5 November 1999 - Despite my reservations expressed below, I've decided to go ahead and upload now. Apart from anything else I have nothing to do on a Friday night and I'm kind of depressed so I want to do something that will cheer me up. I hope this project will be worthwhile and people will support it. I don't feel very sure of anything right now. I'm even contemplating shelving Janua Caeli (my Allen Schezar shrine-in-progress) for the time being, since <<prettyboy from hell>> needs my attention more (unfinished business) and I think I'm really keener to work on Dryden once I'm free. Whatever. I really did enjoy making this site and I hope it'll be enjoyable and useful for its visitors. Escaboys forever!

Also, following a comment from a visitor, and my own realisation that it was rather pointless, I got rid of the Quizlet on the front page.

~ Previous Notes ~ Since this website is brand new, there isn't a lot of history to tell you. I think I started working on it on or about the first of November, 1999. Which I really shouldn't have, because I was preparing for my final exams at the time, but I needed something to take the pressure off, y'know?

Today is the second of November - I think that'd be Blue, second Moon in the Gaean calendar. Hey, bitchin', tomorrow's Allen Schezar's birthday! What a shame my Allen shrine isn't ready to launch on his birthday. On my side of the International Date Line, anyway; I suppose I might have it ready in time for November 3 in North America. This is why I haven't uploaded *escaboys straight away - I want to get Janua Caeli finished first.