Well, here they are! Listed by character, the best Escaflowne guy shrines on the web. Hopefully someday I'll have so many to list that I'll need to split them off into separate pages, but for now one will do. The high proportion of Dilandau sites does not reflect any prejudice on my part - there are simply more good shrines to him in existence. It may seem conceited that I include my own sites in this list; well, it is, but it's also because if my own shrines didn't meet my standards for Good Stuff I wouldn't bother with them. Anyway, please enjoy these sites, and maybe they'll inspire you to create your own!

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Dilandau Albatou

<<prettyboy from hell>> The webmistress' own shrine, replete with information, images and insanity. Read an awfully long fanfic, check out my thoughts on the deeper meaning of Dilandau, or drop by the Battle Arena to take in a fight.

Dilandau's Lair - Syrena Doné's excellent site devoted to Dilandau and his loyal Dragonslayers. The fanart section is highly recommended. See also the Burning Fortress, a continuation of the Lair with even more neat stuff, including some wonderful scan galleries.

alseid - quite simply, one of the strangest li'l Dil-pages out there. Captures the spirit of the boy! Come for the peculiar poetry, stay for the Celebrity Jeopardy.

Moero Moero - the name means 'burn, baby, burn' *^.^* A snazzy and snappy Dilandau shrine by the author of Crusader (see below - Allen).

Angry Raspberry - I always think of him as more of a cranberry, but the keeper of this very stylish little shrine feels differently. There are a lot of fun little features - I especially like the 'coupling' one, if only because the results make me giggle immoderately.

The Lost Ones - an expanded version of The Scar, a good solid Dilandau shrine in the classical fire-and-brimstone mode. Features 'The Gaea Gazette,' to keep you up-to-date on issues for Esca fans, and I believe Aphreal Danae is also working on a fandub of the series. Doujinshi scans, too! Now includes sections for Celena and the Dragonslayers.

dilandau albatou - says what it is and is what it says. This site has some very interesting features, including a numerological analysis of Dilandau's name (yes, really!) and a piece entitled 'Dilandau vs. Freud' which is really worth the visit *^.^* Original and cool.

Yummy Dilly - a fun, silly Dilandau-fantasy site that also manages to fit in lots of pertinent information. Used to be called Dillycious, but someone complained that that was the name of her site. Hmph! I've never heard of that Dillycious! *^.^*

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Susumu Amano

The Track - yes, it's an actual Amano shrine! Your one-stop shop for information and images relating to Hitomi's dreamy sempai - and her best friend Yukari too. This is by the same webmistress as Those Who Hunt Dragons (see below), and it has the same enjoyable writing style.


The Dragonpuff Boys - a small, sweet, silly work of fandom offering an, um, interesting variant backstory for the Dragonslayers.

serenity - at the moment, Chesta is my pet Dragonslayer, so I was delighted to find such a good little shrine to my ickle mushroom-head. *ahem* Gallery, stats, information on both the movie and the series, fanfic - good stuff.

Vanity Fair - a Dalet shrine, of all things - elegantly pretty (you'll need IE 5+, or the new Netscape if they ever get it unsucky), featuring excellent fanart, and overall yummy.

SlayGround - the parent site to Vanity Fair, showing oodles of creativity and wit. Besides information, opinion, fanfic and fanart, neat stuff like the Doppelganger Free Zone, pretty wallpapers (how could wallpaper of the Dragonslayers be anything but pretty) and just general chewy goodness.

Those Who Hunt Dragons - a simple but growing site dedicated to pretty much everyone on the Vione, with original commentary and a nice touch of humour.

Neglected!! - a shrine just for Migel Labariel. Which means I got to take 'any individual Dragonslayer' off the Shrineless list! I know that a Chesta shrine called 'Abused' existed but there was hardly anything in it - where as Neglected!! has a respectable amount of content, especially for such a minor character. Nice!

gattilicious - now Gatti has a shrine too! From the mind that brought you serenity.

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Folken Fanel

brothers in arms - a joint Folken and Van shrine, which I place here 'cause Folken's older *^.^* Absolutely beautiful design, perceptive, informative writing, a class act any way you look at it.

The Folken Sanctum - Now incorporating material from the sadly-defunct fallen*angel, this is a sharply-designed and very informative Folken shrine, with wonderful galleries.

{{ Black Dragon }} - This took me forever so you'd better like it *^.^* All my thoughts on the sexy Strategos, with galleries, entertaining miscellany and even some information you don't read everywhere. 2000 was the Year of the Dragon; 2001 is the year of space oddities, which is quite fitting as Folken looks a bit Bowiesque.

Walking Shadow - A thoughtful and well-written Folken shrine which doesn't shy away from topics like... *ominous chords* The Mullet. Wins the Most Intellectual Gong for quoting Juvenal on the index page.

Strategos - a neat little Folken shrine from the creator of Zaibach Soldier (sadly lost to us). Entertaining and informative, with lots of fanfic too. I always enjoy the way Remalna Marguerite writes about characters.

The Garnet-Eyed Ones - a good small shrine for Folken and Dilandau, everyone's favourite... sinister guys with red eyes. Features information, images and fanart.

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Van Fanel

dragon * wings - a Van-and-Hitomi shrine, very well made. My favourite feature is 'Fate,' because it's so appropriate, and this is also a good site for information and images. Used to be IE-only, but now works for Netscape too!

Winged Warrior - a stylish, well-written and informative Van shrine which features some really lovely fanart. As of this writing, it's under heavy construction and not all areas are active, but what you can see is of an exceptionally high standard.

happy happy hyper temple of Van-ness - now, I know what you're thinking. Happy happy hyper and Van Fanel? Do those go? But the idea here is to be happy happy hyper about Van, and that definitely works! It strikes a delightful balance between actual information and resources about Van, and... um... being very strange. Viva Van's Pants. But watch out for trouble in the image galleries, whose Javascript (or maybe it's the frames) may cause some browsers to quit.

Mystic Eyes - sounds like it's gonna be a Hitomi shrine, but actually it's about Hitomi and Van together, their relationship. Sharp design, thoughtful writing and fun stuff to keep you smiling. Kicks butt.

Promises Not Needed - another combined Van-and-Hitomi shrine, very pretty, very perceptive, very much a pleasure to visit. I've always been what X-Files fans refer to as 'a shipper,' so I love sites like this. Says some smart things about Allen, too, by the way.

FANELIA - the kingdom of Van Fanel - revamped and in a new home, this was, according to its webmistress, the first ever Escaflowne guy shrine, which really impresses me no matter what. It's looking much smarter and there are plans for new additions; as it stands, it's a solid shrine to our sweet prince.

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Dryden Fassa

Merchant Prince - My own little offering and my *counts on fingers* third? Esca-guy shrine. On a similar scale to Oh My Gadeth! (see below), this is an attempt to give Dryden just a little of the glory he deserves - c'mon, he has John Lennon glasses and more brains than you can shake a stick at! He's cool! Well, I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers. See what you think.

O Noble Merchantman - Aria Nereid Fassa's 'shrine of adoration' for Dryden is small but perfectly formed.

Sounds of Fortune - a sound shrine to Dryden, so you can hear that lovely deep voice, and all those wise-ass comments, any time you like *^.^*

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Oh My Gaddes! - Another of my own productions, right down to the horrible pun in the title *^.^* A smaller shrine to my favourite secondary character and crush-object, with the biggest (if not only) Gaddes image gallery on the Web.

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Man Prettyboy's Best Friend - (I don't know how visible that is, but 'Man' is meant to be struck out) A well-made and thorough little shrine for Dilandau's most loyal companion, and the coolest bipedal dog in the world, by a good friend of mine, but that's not why it's in here, honestly!

Guardian Force - Another growing Jajuka shrine - this should be considered under heavy construction, but the early technical glitches seem to be fixed, and it looks likely to be very good. And I think it's absolutely great that Jajuka has fans besides me and my friend Kevin. I mean, we're loyal, but we're sort of weird and embarrassing.

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Mr Mole/Moleman

The Moleman Worship Page - I am not making this up. There is really a Mr Mole shrine. Little bit of fanart, little bit of writing, but what I find really striking is... just check out 'The Millerna-Moleman Connection.' I just think it's cool that this place exists.

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Simply Ruhm - a neat mini-shrine to Ruhm, the Fanelian wolfman. About as big as you would expect from a shrine to a character with such a tiny part to play, but well-executed and with some nice thoughts. Older versions of Netscape can't view it; try Internet Explorer or Netscape 6.0.

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Allen Schezar

the gallant swordsman - A sleek and exuberant new shrine for ol' blue-eyes (or ol' aoi hitomi, as you might like to call him after browsing through). emmy loves Allen - if you do too, you'll have fun here.

The Allen Schezar Project - I had this gestating for so long I started to feel like a pregnant elephant. Anyway, here it is, my very own Allen Schezar shrine! Lots of pretty pictures, heaps of original commentary, and, well, a great deal of Allen. Full of salty goodness *^.^*

Crusader - Apart from being attractive, stylish and well thought-out, this mini-shrine contains the most twisted and brilliant piece of Allen fanart I've ever seen.

A Knight's Honor - Once just a mini-shrine to Allen, this has undergone extensive renovation and expansion, emerging with elegant design (it won the *escaboys Beauty Award), thoughtful commentary and more images than you can shake a stick at, especially movie screencaps. Badass black-leather Allen - rrrowr *^.^*

Allen Schezar Online - A big, bouncy, black-and-blue Allen shrine, expansive but unfortunately irregularly maintained.

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Honorary Escaboy - Mr T

Mr T versus Escaflowne - I really was remiss in not linking to this sooner. It's brilliant. It's insane. I can't believe how much work must have gone into it and it's absolutely ridiculous. I mean that as the highest possible compliment *^.^* Go. Pee yourself laughing. I don't know, I just love the fact that people put hours of their lives into making stuff like this up.

Still Shrineless

If you want to make an Escaflowne guy shrine but you also want to do something new and fresh, why not focus on one or more of these guys? They're all special in their own way, but I'm still looking for sites on them that I can feature.

* Balgus * Zongi *
* Lord Dornkirk * Leon Schezar *

Yes, okay, I'm kidding about Dornkirk *^.^* (Actually, I've heard that the keepers of and the Moleman Worship Page are planning to collaborate on a shrine to him! I find this very scary but sort of cool.) Most of these guys, of course, have smaller rôles to play in the series - but that doesn't mean they're not cool and shrineworthy! (I always think of Balgus as Obi-Wan Kenobi played by an elderly Arnold Schwarzenegger. Which means my Dad would consider him a god.)

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Other Excellent Escaflowne Resources

The Vision of Escaflowne Compendium

Escaflowne Shangri-La

Tsubasa no Kami

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