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Members of the *escaboys web collective are invited to display one of these badge graphics somewhere on their site. If you'd prefer to design your own badge, or just give a text link, that's fine. You're also welcome to use the banners and buttons on the Link page.

Allen badge Folken badge

(I was gonna have one of Van too but the blue text didn't show up well over his dark hair. This works out nicely anyway, use the Allen badge if you like the goodies and the Folken badge if you like the baddies. Or just pick whoever you'd rather take to Fiji for a week.)

Please make the graphic a link back to http://fly.to/escaboys

For a wonder, I actually scanned the colour images used in the site's decor myself, from my friend Kevin's video covers - thanks, Kevin. The black-and-white character sketches came from a variety of places.

Dilandau, Folken in his cloak and Migel - Dilandau's Lair
Escaflowne Shangri-La (however, I don't know if a copy is on display there. If you want to see the original image, try the gallery at Oh My Gadeth!)
Van & Folken - scan courtesy of Kevin Pezzano of
What Happened After?
Van alone
- from
Esca... 'nuff said
Van in armour -
Amber Anime Archive
Folken without his cloak
- I don't remember! I'm sorry. If anyone out there recognises it as theirs - well,
email me and we'll sort things out. You can find a different version (with a pink background) at Esca... 'nuff said

If you're at all curious about the mind behind *escaboys, please visit SuperMinx.

As usual when I cough up another webpage, I wish to express my thanks to the wonderful people in real life who support me - my Mum and Dad, my sister Kate, our youthful ward Tyler, the Good Cat Robin and the Bad Cat Meg, my friends Helen, Duncan and Stuart, Kate's friends Harri and Nadia - and the wonderful people in, um, unreal life who do the same, Kevin Pezzano and Jesse-okami, and my odd friends on the Dilandau Mailing List. Go Dragonslayers!

Also, many, many thanks to Erdufylla for her remarkable willingness to help - and for making my friend Kevin very happy.