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Here's a little outlet for creativity related to the Escaboys. If you have something you'd like to contribute - fanart, fanfic, WinAmp skins, whatever your male muse led you to, please email me and I'll see about putting it up! A certain standard of quality is required, because I'm a big mean snob (see, I admit it, you don't have to tell me). Basically, if it's cute, funny or beautiful, it's in. If you'd like to put any of these images or whatever on a site of your own, please email the person responsible and ask for their permission.


- you might like to wend your way to Pocket Bishónen and 'capture' yourself a few Escaboys. The main male cast are all available and secondary characters are now getting in - Gadeth got added, and I submitted Chesta! (I like Chesta. He has a Beatle haircut, on a planet without rock'n'roll. Talk about doomed.)

- Here's something fun for you - the Escaflowne Compatibility Test at For Lovers Only... I'm sure we'd all like a boyfriend from Escaflowne - this quiz will let you determine which of the guys would be just right for you! (My perfect match: Dryden, with Gadeth in second place. Fine by me!) Also, try the Ultimate Escaflowne Compatibility Test, which, on the contrary, says I'm a) well suited to Allen and b) a sex fiend. Well, thank you *^.^*

- and as long as we're on quizzes, try the Dragonslayers Likeness Quiz at Dilandau's Lair. Who do you think you have most in common with - Chesta, Gatti, Migel, Biore? Does anyone actually know what Biore looks like? (Does anyone else think he must be named after those sticky strips that drag the blackheads out of your nose?)


I, the great and boastful Sarah-neko, have written quite a lot of Escaflowne fanfic which has been pretty well received. Either all the people who hate it just don't tell me, or it's overall fairly good. Wanna read?

Scars On the Heart is a continuation of the series, with Celena Schezar as its heroine. (Except when I wrote it I spelled her name Serena.) If you haven't seen the entire series, it will confuse you mightily as it is extremely spoiler-heavy. If Escaflowne is chocolate, I'm told, this is pretty good carob. (Winner of the Aoi Awards 2001 Fanfiction of the Year!)

Dryden & Sylvie is a little romance that combines backstory with what-happened-after, telling the story of Dryden and his mermaid. (Again with the unorthodox name spellings. I know she's really Sylphy, but... um... no, I have no excuse).

For even more of my stories (some of which, I'm sorry to say, are quite indecent), visit My Author Page at www.fanfiction.net. This is where my new work comes out.

And I've actually had a really cool submission of humorous fanfic for this section! Shinguji Sakura-chan, creator of The Track and Those Who Hunt Dragons, has taken Escaflowne into the Pokémon universe, with commentary from Generator Gawl... or something... it's funny!


There had to be a sequel. What does Van evolve into? Movie Van, of course! This one includes a guest appearance by some yaks!

Escamon 2

Aaaaand... Escamon, the Animated Series! (Sort of.)

Episode 1

fanart section

Well, what do you know - this section finally has thumbnails again. Click on 'em to see the big versions, of course.


A Subtle Alteration

by Michele Chouinard


Eep! Hitomi's bow is in danger!

by Michele Chouinard


Hairball Aftermath

by Michele Chouinard


Too Sexy For His Shirt

by Michele Chouinard

Fanart by Sarah-neko (mostly hand-drawn, some Photoshopped)


Dread Pirate


Happy Couple

HC coloured







(Above) a guest appearance by Thorn from the Bone comics. And that's me in Smooch and Trophy! (Slut.)


Boys in a Bath

Dilly's Dream

NB - the bath and dream pictures contain implied nudity, in an artistic or innocently cheesecakey way. If this would offend you, just don't click.

Fanart by Angela Jordan (hand-drawn and coloured - one ceramic mask!)




Forest Pool


Many Faces




Wine & Roses

Folken Mask

Tsuki no Folken

Comic Strip

Lowly Pawns

Folken and his Mini-Me (two masks). I really like how the big Folken mask manages to look like both the pharaoh Akhenaten and his queen Nefertiti *^.^*

Fanart by Colleen Burns (hand-drawn)
(Admittedly only one of these is of an Escaboy, but I love how Colleen draws and it's my page *^.^*)

SD Allen

SD Merle


Middle Child



Fanart by Eji (hand-drawn, some Photoshopped)


In Shorts *^.^*


Sitting Alone

Fanart by Jackie (mouse-drawn)




Fanart by others (miscellaneous)


Pika Angel

Gaddes I


Gaddes II