Sites get listed at *escaboys in the following ways.

* Independent selection by yours truly. If I happen to find an Escaflowne guy page I really like, I'll add it and email the owner.

* Email nomination, either by the site's owner (I like to foster shameless self-promotion) or by someone else who thinks it's cool.

I'm keen to list more Escaflowne guy shrines. If you want to nominate a site for listing, please check whether it meets the following requirements. They're just a minimum quality-control check, because I want to keep standards high and encourage excellence.

Content Requirements
* Obviously, it needs to be a site devoted to one or more of the male characters of Escaflowne. General series information pages, nope. Female character shrines, nope. (I love the female characters too, especially Hitomi, Meruru, Nariya and Eriya, but they're not the focus here.) If you had a Van page that included some information about Hitomi and Meruru, because they're important people to him, that would be fine. If you had a primarily Hitomi page that mentioned Van, nope!

* No hate pages or anti-shrines. The goal of this collective is to celebrate the guys, not to run them down. You have a perfect right to dislike them - I just think you're nuts if you do *^.^* There's some room to move here - you may certainly make reasonable criticisms of the guys, but these should not be the raison d'être of the site. My own Merchant Prince is a case in point - the 'Sales Pitch' section explains why I find Dryden superior to Allen, but it's not like I'm just tearing strips off poor old Allen for the fun of it, and I'd be the first to admit he has his uses.

* No hentai (pornographic) sites. It's not that I dismiss all art and literature that deals with sexual themes as Dirty And Bad, merely that hentai tends to be degrading and, well, skanky. I don't know how necessary this is to say, but people are weird and you never know. If your site is sort of borderline, with some innuendoes but nothing really blushworthy, it might be okay. I don't classify yaoi (homoerotic content) as automatically hentai; there's tasteful yaoi. I might drool over these guys a bit (I can hear everyone on the Dilandau Mailing List laughing at me and repeating 'a BIT!') but I respect them, y'know?

* There needs to be something original, something special about your site. This doesn't mean you have to have incredibly sophisticated design or a whole lot of ultra-rare scans or an exclusive interview with Shoji Kawamori; it can just be your unique approach to your subject. Be creative, and have fun with it! If you have one feature that really rocks, like an excellent image gallery or really in-depth character profiles, that may be enough. Hey, speaking of ultra-rare scans, if anyone can give me decent scans of the covers of the Escaflowne novelisations (not the filmbooks) I'll be their best friend.

* Ask yourself, 'Is my site as complete and as good as I want it to be?' I've been getting submissions from people with disclaimers like 'I've only just started but it's going to be really good one day,' and when I go there I find they have one page active and the rest is 'Coming Soon.' A page like this is not ready for *escaboys. (I don't think it's ready for anything.) I do accept pages that are under construction (all good pages are under construction in the sense of being updated and maintained), but they need to have a decent amount of content up and running. Due to the choice of subject matter and availability of related material, obviously some sites are never going to be huge and encyclopaedic, and may not often be updatable. If you want to make a shrine to Balgus, say, there's only so much you can do. But it will not be listed at *escaboys if when you submit all it's got is a picture of Balgus and his Compendium stats. It's not that you'll never get into the listing, just wait to submit until you've got the place spiffed up a bit.

Design Requirements
* Very simply, the site should not take a tiresomely long time to load. Its graphical elements should be harmonious (no clashing colours or over-busy backgrounds) and the text should be easy to read (think very carefully about how well it shows up against any coloured or patterned background you may be using - people make a lot of mistakes here. Dark text on a light bg is always easiest on the eye). Remember, we can't all be fancy, but everyone can be tidy.

* Navigation should be clear and easy, with all the links set up correctly so you don't get 404 error messages when you click.

* No direct-linked images. I have a real thing about this - the images you display on your webpage should be in a directory on your own server. Things like buttons and banners, where you have the owner's permission, are okay. Broken images - nope. These are all basic courtesies to your visitors that every website should observe.

* If you have a gallery and use thumbnails, they should be real thumbnails, small image files, not full-sized pictures with the height and width tags adjusted to make them appear small. If you don't have the software to make thumbnails, use descriptive text links instead, please. It is so much more considerate to your guests. (This is my Pet Peeve du jour.)

Well, if you've read all the way through that I guess you really want to nominate a site. If it meets those requirements, please email me at sarah-neko@dove.gen.nz and include in the message:

* the site's title and URL (I can do nothing without these!)

* your email address, so I can get back to you about it (if I decide not to include the page, I will explain why without getting nasty, and offer constructive criticism - which, of course, you are free to ignore if you think I'm full of it)

* any comments you care to make about why you're nominating this site, why it's special.

I look forward to hearing from you!