This page exists as a result of the Escaflowne... For Lovers Only Valentine's Day fanfic and fanart contests. I drew several pictures for the art part, including one of Dryden reunited with his mermaid, which you can see here. Drawing this gave me an idea for a story, another of my Escaflowne continuations (the other is Scars On the Heart).

I felt that Dryden's mermaid (Sylvie) deserved to have her story told in full. So I made it up. I also felt like writing a self-contained love story just for fun, since my main continuation epic has gotten out of hand and become a bit discouraging in its ambition. Besides, Dryden deserved an alternative to moping over Millerna! I don't know how good it really is, but I do know it was a pleasure to write, so it was worthwhile from my point of view at least. Perhaps you'll find it a pleasure to read, in which case I'll be well content. The chapters are linked below!








Aquarium kiss

I fall into an ocean of you

Pull me out in time, don't let me drown,

Let me down...

I say it's all because of you.

- Sway, Bic Runga

I'm not the only person who has written Dryden fanfic that satisfies my urge to have the gaps filled. Here is a wonderful example - with especially wonderful illustrations by the author.

Four Minutes: For the True Lover, a Year is as a Day (the link takes you out of this shrine)

Just a word - Didodikali (author/illustrator) rates this fic NC-17, so use your brain.

The other good author of Dryden-fic that I know is Nariya - here's her story! More than Dryden in this one - her protagonist is Carenza, his (made up by her) sister.

Sins of the Fathers (also off-shrine, at

Also, have you ever said to yourself, 'There's a crying lack of Dryden desktop wallpaper on the Net?' Lady Haikara did, and instead of just mourning the lack, she made some! These are 800x600 in size. You're welcome to download and use them - if you want to feature them on another webpage, please ask their creator for her permission.

Dryden Wallpaper #1

Dryden Wallpaper #2

Also, Duo has contributed this lovely portrait of Dryden - looks like he's in the snow.

Dryden Fanart