The Vision of Escaflowne is ©1996 Sunrise, TV Tokyo/Bandai Entertainment, Inc. The Powerpuff Girls are ©1998 Cartoon Network Studios, Inc (as near as I can figure out). The Dragonpuff Boys is a not-for-profit work of affectionate parody, by a fan for fans, and is ©2001 Sarah-neko only insofar as I don't want to see my drawings on other websites without giving permission.

Thanks to

- Kevin Pezzano, for encouragement, friendship and Shonen Knife
Webmistress Lizzard for CSS help and coming back from Italy
- the kids on Kevin's anime discussion group who asked to see Powerpuff Dragonslayers - I hope you like them!

Thank you! Bye-bye! That's all there is to see here.

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